USB 3.1 Gen 2 Front Panel

USB means Universal Serial Bus. It is hardware that is used to connect printers, keyboards, mice, mobile devices, digital cameras, joystick, iPod, scanner, webcam, microphone, MP3 player, and external storage to the computer. There are different types of USB. It is used in powering devices such as smartphones and tablets. Computers have at least one […]

Best Test Bench Computer Case

Building in a computer case requires time, effort, resources, and most importantly, the correct assembling of all the components for an excellent result. For one reason or the other, you might not get it right the first time and will need to switch, disassemble and reassemble these components to get the desired results.  The selected […]

Best NAS Computer Case

Finding a good storage system is one of the major issues faced by growing businesses and offices that want to provide easy access to a large amount of data for all their users. Even with this quest comes the underlying need for securing it from unauthorized users.  Using a suitable computer case for NAS will […]

Best Computer Case For Water Cooling

Over time, water cooling cases have gained popularity among pro gamers and even ordinary users for their aesthetic beauty and highly efficient cooling performance. It offers a better thermal transfer of heat between the PC’s components and the cooling system, making it highly reliable as an efficient cooling system even when the computer is on […]

Best Quiet Computer Case

The noise from a running computer can sometimes be annoying, much to the interference of a smooth gaming or working session and the disturbance of the people around you. Believe me, you don’t hate the sounds as much as I do, and that is why I had to help myself with a quiet computer case.  […]

Best Cube Computer Case

Apart from gaining large grounds in the digital markets, cube computer cases are also becoming a favorite of pro gamers due to their size and style. Despite having a compact size, they are large enough to contain diverse forms of the motherboard and other basic components in different sizes that necessitate a computer’s excellent performance.  […]

Best Computer Fan Controller

Computers fans are originally built to provide ventilation to the computer while it works, and so far, they’ve been doing a good job of keeping the computer hardware from overheating. A computer fan’s speed should be controlled to be proportional to the task being executed, and this is possible through a fan controller. If your computer’s […]

Best Paint For Computer Case

If you’re hoping to improve your computer case‘s appearance, then retouching it with fine paint will give it the clean and refined appearance that you want. Picking your paint color is a good start. Still, the type of paint you use is equally important to get the look you want because a bad paint can […]

Best Tempered Glass Computer Case

Every avid gamer wants to have a sense of pride and accomplishment when they show off the powerful components built into their computer case. The best computer case that offers this luxury in its best form is a tempered glass computer case.  Subconsciously or not, while handling a glass case, we tend to be very […]

Best Computer Cases Under $50

Now that you’ve taken out time to select the highly functional components to fix into a computer case, why should the price be a problem?  Oh, you’ve got a $50 budget for it, that’s fine. Price shouldn’t be the game that you’re trying to win here because you can find a sturdy and functional casing […]

Best White Computer Case

Appearance goes a long way in appealing to our sense of judgment especially when it comes to technology.  This is because looks are equally as important as the functional features of your gadget and can stimulate your senses while working. In much simpler terms, it is the finishing touch that helps your gadget to significantly […]

Best LED Strip For A Computer Case

Before you compliment yourself for a job well done on your computer case, how about a bit of glow to light things up and make them more colorful? Using LED lights to beautify your computer case would be a big step towards improving the appearance of your gaming station and if you’re a fan of […]