Good Motherboard For i7 8700k

The Motherboard is the main circuit board of a computer. It is usually the biggest piece hardware found in a computer. The CPU, ROM, memory RAM expansion slots, PCI slots, and USB ports are attached to the motherboard. It makes everything in a computer work together. It is the computer’s backbone. The motherboard also has […]

Best Intel 300 Series Motherboard

The 300-series lineup gives one a chance to choose from many motherboard options, which come with cool features that were not previously included in Z370. These new motherboards should work with both 8th-gen and 9th-gen Core CPUs. You need a new Intel 300-series computer motherboard to buy an 8th-gen or 9th-gen “Coffee Lake” processor. Older […]

Best CPU For 4K Gaming

Choosing or naming one gaming CPU as the best would be a really difficult task as there are many great options to pick from a lot has happened in the past few years, lots of improvements, new features being added, four cores and eight threads is now the standard even at the low-end. These days […]

Best RAM For i7 6700k

RAM means Random Access Memory. RAM is also known as main memory, primary memory, or system memory. It one of the important components of a computer and without it, a computer won’t work. It is where data is stored and retrieved, but it is for a short time, and it cannot retain data in the […]

Best i5 Computer

The i5 computer processors are developed and manufactured by Intel, which belongs to the Intel Core family series. The Intel Core i5 family series was first released in September 2009, since then new series of i5 computers are released until date. The latest series is the i5 11th generation processors. The RAM type mostly used […]