Best Computers For Surfing The Web

Web browsers are arguably the most used programs on computers, and web surfing is also one of the greatest uses of a computer system. More than 80% of computer users use the internet daily, and most of the work is done on the computer. While you can access the internet with just any computer in […]

Best Computer For Skype

The internet has redefined a host of things and how we do video and conferences, is one area that has been rapidly redefined, with Skype leading this innovation. Skype is the most used telecommunications software, with over 19 billion calls made in a year and more. The supreme video and call quality of this software […]

Best Computer For Internet Surfing

Web browsing powers depend largely on a computer’s memory. This is so essential to allow the computer to work on multiple tabs and perform other functions. To have a smooth sail and achieve maximum results, you will need just enough memory on your PC with your web surfing. Also, the screen resolution is yet another […]

Best Router for Remote Access

A wireless router is more of a necessity in a modern household. Besides that, setting up a Wi-Fi network is equally important for businesses and cafés that need to rely on high-end or multiple routers for establishing secured public connections. If you are in charge of making sure the networks stay up, you should definitely […]

Best Router for VoIP

If you are looking to set up a rewarding IP Telephony network for managing the business, employees, and clients, you might want to look for the best router for VoIP. While almost every router is VoIP compatible, it is necessary to opt for a model that is QoS optimized and readily prioritizes Voice over IP […]