Difference Between SLI and CrossFire

The importance of graphics cards in a computer system can not be overemphasized but then a single graphics card is sometimes not enough to cater extensively to the graphics performance of most high-end games as they rely heavily on their graphics processing unit, hence the need for powerful graphics settings. As a way out, technology […]

Best CPU For GTX 1070

CPU means Central Processing Unit. It is one of the main components of a computer that processes information. It processes the data and produces an output that may be stored by an application or displayed on the screen. It contains at least one processor which is the actual chip inside the computer CPU that performs […]

Best CPU For GTX 1080

CPU means Central Processing Unit. It is also called the central processor, main processor, or processor. It is the principal part of a computer and it composes of the main memory, a control unit, an arithmetic- logic unit. It is the heart of the computer and it is linked with input and output devices and […]