Best External 20TB Hard Drive

Has your storage system ever failed you at a critical point when you needed to save a very important file due to lack of enough storage, or maybe the worst happened and you lost your files?  If you haven’t experienced such, it is not something that anybody should wish on themselves, but it happens especially […]

How To Check If A SATA Cable is 6Gb/s

The SATA cable is responsible for Data transfer from the disk drive to the motherboard and from the motherboard to the desk drive. The next-gen SATA cables had taken things beyond the normal parameters allowing you to enjoy a data transfer value of up to 6Gb/s.  There are three types of SATA cables, namely SATA […]

Best CPU For Virtualization 

The internet came with a bag filled with opportunities and made possible the radical departure from the known, one of the advantages of this change is Virtualization. Virtual reality is a beauty that speaks for itself and as many persons continue to embrace this new normal, there are challenges.  One of such challenges is to […]

How To Add More SATA Slots To Your Motherboard

Innovation is the order of the day when it comes to computers, and the leaders of the industry have taken active steps to ensure nothing is left to waste. The need to constantly improve on what is in place and build on the achievements of yesterday is the norm in our today’s technology space.  So, […]

Can You Plug In A Hard Drive When The Computer Is On?

Hard drives are one of the easily accessible devices that you can use to store data for use at different points in time. They are highly valuable and to a large extent, contribute to your productivity. The portable feature of a hard drive makes it convenient for use on different computers with no carriers but […]

Best Computer Desks with a Hutch

Make no mistake about it, you have a lot of stuff to store and no place to put it. Time to get a hutch to store it in. Kidding aside, a hutch computer desk combo can be a great addition to your home office. My family had one growing up and we always kept office […]

PS4 Save Data On USB Storage Device

The PlayStation 5 comes with its own great computer games but it also allows good games from PS4 to run on it. So If you previously had a game on PS4 or PS4 pro you can still enjoy them on your PlayStation 5 once you transfer those games to the PlayStation 5 console. The Sony […]

Best Solid State Drive For Gaming

The best SSD for computer gaming is a key component for a responsive and speedy gaming PC. Shifting from an HDD to an SSD is like no other upgrade for your gaming PC. Suddenly everything is right there at your fingertips—no hanging around while data chugs around your rig like a rusty steam train. So, […]

Best NAS Computer Case

Finding a good storage system is one of the major issues faced by growing businesses and offices that want to provide easy access to a large amount of data for all their users. Even with this quest comes the underlying need for securing it from unauthorized users.  Using a suitable computer case for NAS will […]

Best Router with Storage

When it comes to selecting the best router with storage, it is necessary to understand the concept of external and internal data handling capabilities of a wireless device. Unlike a wired storage device like a hard drive or USB drive, the storage standards for a wireless router vary according to network preferences. In most cases, […]