Best 40 Inch Monitor

Over time, there has been a tremendous increase in the complexity of numerous applications and software, which has led to a demand for a monitor with a broad aspect ratio. A 40-inch monitor is a great improvement in monitor technology that offers more screen real estate for improved clarity and productivity.  As a result, productivity […]

Best Multi-Monitor Stand

I have three wide-screened monitors and using a multi-monitor stand has been a saving grace in a lot of aspects including effective management of limited space for my monitors and giving my work station a more professional look. It has also contributed to the uncluttered appearance of my desk despite the workload it holds as […]

Best Drawing Monitor

A lot of professions have gone digital and of course drawing is not left out of the modern race. While you might want to argue that it cannot be compared to drawing on a paper, I’ll assume that it’s because you don’t know that drawing monitors integrate highly designed technologies that make drawing more natural […]

Best Computer Monitor with Webcam and Microphone

A computer monitor that has an integrated web camera and microphone is what I’ll call “ the sure deal” when you’re always on video calls either for professional or personal reasons and you’re also hoping to minimize cost. A computer with a webcam and microphone doesn’t require additional setup for each of the aforementioned features […]

Best White Computer Monitor

White is a color that has a unique feel that cannot be matched by any other color. From being classy, neat, and well organized, this color does a lot to complement our work and gaming station by simply being there. Now, let’s drive it up a little by making it the preferred color for a […]