Best Webcam For Streaming

Streaming requires the active engagement of viewers with the content that you’re streaming and one way to ensure their active participation is through your video quality.  Streaming with a webcam helps to improve the quality of your video by employing a wide resolution, crystal clear images, and other distinct features such as background replacement and […]

Best Microphone For Zoom Meetings

Web conferencing applications like Zoom are becoming more and more popular in remote working and work-from-home environments. But poor audio quality can quickly ruin any Zoom meeting. Incessant echo or excessive background noise results in poor sound quality that hampers communication and productivity. There are many companies out there and each of them produces mics […]

Best Computer For Skype

The internet has redefined a host of things and how we do video and conferences, is one area that has been rapidly redefined, with Skype leading this innovation. Skype is the most used telecommunications software, with over 19 billion calls made in a year and more. The supreme video and call quality of this software […]

Best Webcam For Video Conferencing

Even with having everything well set while preparing for a video conference, things can turn out ugly if you do not use the best webcam available for your video conference.  In more ways than you know, the quality of the video and audio produced on a webcam can testify to your professionalism even after the […]

Best Webcams

When compared to a traditional video camera, the size of a webcam makes it a portable option that integrates versatility into its design, and this makes it a suitable choice for video conferencing, online education,  recording pictures for security reasons, and creating video clips for entertainment. Apart from being more affordable and stylish, their picture […]

Best Headset For Zoom

With the World going digital, conferences and meetings have also gone digital and while it is a very nice and comfortable idea, things can turn out ugly if you don’t have the right devices to engage with it. One of the most popular apps that support web conferencing is Zoom and while it is a […]