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Digital Audio Workstations are the biggest audio innovation globally, and it is one of the best options for recording and music production. For high-end music and audio productions, DAW tops the list as a people’s favorite.

We will not dive into this debate. However, our picks of best computers for DAW cuts across it, allowing you the choice to make between Ultra and Dual screens.

A good monitor for DAW should have an impressive screen, a great display quality, and perfect viewing angles for your workflow, and everything you will need the monitor for. Similarly, additional features like eye care, anti-glare, and more will give you a fabulous work environment.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Computer Monitor For DAW

Acer R240HY

23.8-Inch Screen For Daw


The Acer brands had been in business for a long time, and this has enabled them to make a name for themselves, as a brand to trust with innovations that meet the unlimited taste of its customer’s base, the Acer R240HY is one monitor born out of the great innovative abilities of the Acer group.

The monitor comes with a giant screen, offering a wonderful 1920×1080p resolution; the 23.8-inch screen has an IPS display, offering seamless color production and stunning picture quality you will love.

The 4ms response time of this computer is a great delight for music production, and the borderless screen will allow you to see from just any aspect of the computer screen, without straining your eyes for more view.

The 178° horizontal and vertical viewing angles make this computer a great addition for music production and recording. The monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate, great for your display demands.

The mercury-free screen of the Acer R240HY meets the demands of energy-efficient and eco-friendly design all in one, while the 5-15° tilt angle available on this computer adds the icing to the cake.

Pros And Cons


  • IPS screen
  • 1920×1080p screen
  • Borderless design


  • Small screen
  • Limited connection options

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Apple iMac

4.5GHz Speed For Daw


We have issues on whether or not to group this amazing monitor from the silicon big house on this list of best computer monitors for DAW. This debate echoed from the background that the monitor doubles as a CPU; it has a CPU built into it.

However, despite this unique and amazing innovation, the Apple iMac 17 is a fabulous piece of machinery that deserves its place on this list for its offering and the configurations it houses.

The monitor offers a 5k display, a massive improvement away from the 4k screens many are trying to adapt to.There is more, the 2-in-1 monitor comes with a 7th generation Intel chipset, and an Intel Core i5 processor that offers an incredible 4.5GHz speed, the 5120×2880 screen resolution of the monitor, affords a sharp display and amazing clarity that makes it perfect for DAW.

The 8GB ram and 2TB storage of the Apple iMac 17 will leave you satisfied with a computer that offers a great screen and storage space. You get the thunderbolt 3 support and three Gigabit Ethernet port with a magic keypad for your connections.

A dedicated Radeon Pro 500 graphics card helps to keep your device in shape and makes it suitable for heavy computer operations.

Pros And Cons


  • Inbuilt CPU
  • 5120×2880 screen
  • Dedicated graphics card


  • Small screen
  • Limited connection options

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Dell P2419H

178° Viewing Angle For Daw


The 24 inch Dell P2419H is one great piece of computer hardware from the industry trusted Dell brand, the flat panel of this monitor and the superb 1920×1200p wide display of this monitor, makes it ideal for DAW.

You get a 6ms response time, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and over 16.78 million colors, the anti-glare technology will ensure lights from outside do not interrupt your workflow.

There is a long list of connectivity options, available on this computer monitor, interestingly the computer monitor works great on all operating systems and can serve as a replacement for just any computer.

The over 178° viewing angle, will give you a fabulous display, without pushing your eyes to the extreme.

The ultra-thin bezel available on this monitor, makes it suitable for dual monitor setup, while the adjustable stand will allow you to work in comfort and without interruptions of any kind.

Pros And Cons


  • Ultra-thin bezel
  • 1920×1200p display
  • 24-inch display


  • No thunderbolt plug-in
  • Small screen

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While DAW is becoming the most used solution provider for music producers and recorders, the truth remains that DAW will not function effectively on just any kind of computer. When the displays are not great, you cannot work at your best.

While we are not going into details on the DAW platform’s functionality and the many advantages, it offers users. We will look formally at the best computer monitors to guarantee a seamless experience for you when you use and work with DAW on a monitor.

A good computer monitor will define your work output and just as it is, you will be working at your monitor possibly for the whole day, and here is where having a great monitor comes in, so you stay afloat on the job and give your best at all times.

There had been the longing debate about Ultra screens and Dual screens, which fits best the description of a computer that is fit for recording and producing amazing beats on DAW.

The Apple iMac 17, with a giant 5K screen and a long list of features and offerings, top it all for us on this list of best computers for DAW. The 2-in-1 CPU and Monitor combination on this computer monitor is an absolute beauty. Check for other amazing computers on Amazon.

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