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One of the effective tools that will help you get the best results in FPS (First Person Shooter) games is a monitor that is designed for it.  Monitors with high refresh rates are ideal for FPS games because it offers a lag-free and highly responsive gaming session and this is an advantage that is highly cherished by gamers because such monitors help to enhance focus through a smooth frame transmission.

Finding a monitor that caters to FPS games with a high frame rate and other game-centric features for a smooth FPS game session can be quite overwhelming and that is why I decided to select the top 3 best FPS monitors on the market. If you are looking for other types of monitors, check out the overview page.

These monitors have highly enhanced features that provide unlimited assistance in achieving massive wins in FPS games as well as other e-sports and if you’re worried about the cost, there’s no need to be, because the selected monitors are affordable and highly functional.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best FPS Monitors


Sceptre C305B-200UN

200Hz FPS Gaming Monitor

There are many benefits that a 200Hz refresh rate offers when you play first-person shooter games with it. For starters, the frames transition very fast and accurately, without ghosting or blur, and this Sceptre 30 inch gaming monitor is well built to address this fact. It has a curved design that produces images that are well fitted for your eyes to focus on and it has a response time of 5ms (Gray to Gray) that ensures swift and precise reaction when gaming.

The visuals produced on this gaming monitor are flicker-free, clear, and well detailed, employing AMD Free Sync technology for a smooth, tear-free, and stutter-free visual experience in fast-paced games. Its large screen utilizes a blue light shift to reduce the blue light emitted by the monitor and thus, preventing you from eye pressures.

Another beautiful feature employed by the Sceptre 30 inch gaming monitor is its built-in speakers and its gaming LED back cover lights that illuminate the back of the monitor to give it a modern and cool appearance that fits well in your game station. It fully utilizes a 90% sRGB to provide bright and realistic colors in every image.

This gaming monitor is also suitable for other computing activities and it integrates a picture in picture format that allows users to multitask by displaying the information of dual sources at the same time. This monitor uses the VESA wall mount standard and functions via it’s HDMI port and its display ports.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a refresh rate of 200Hz
  • It employs AMD Free Sync
  • It utilizes 90% sRGB for realistic color display


  • It is not height adjustable
  • The speaker output is not loud

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MSI Optix MAG251RX

240Hz FPS Gaming Monitor

Let your search for a FPS monitor with a refresh rate of 240hz that is well-engineered for FPS games and other e-sports end here. This MSI 24.5 inch gaming monitor is ideal for fast-paced and competitive games that require swift and accurate reactions. With a response speed of 1ms, the visuals are transitioned smoothly on an IPS panel with the speed required for FPS games. 

This monitor is compatible with Nvidia G-Sync technology and when paired, it eliminates choppy frame rates, tear, stutter, blur, and ghosting in the images, providing gamers with a smooth and thrilling gaming experience. This MSI Optix monitor has a frameless design and it is suitable for a multi-display monitor setup.

The images displayed on this monitor are flicker-free and extremely clear with the aid of HDR technology that offers a rich contrast for darker colors and 400 nits of brightness on the images for a naturalistic visual experience.

Another feature utilized by this monitor is its gaming On-Screen Display app that provides hotkey options that allow the user to switch settings in between games and easily configure the monitor as well. It functions via its ports which includes an HDMI port, a display port, and a USB port.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a refresh rate of 240Hz
  • It is compatible with G-Sync
  • It features the HDR 400 standard


  • It is not height adjustable
  • It has no built-in speaker

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Asus TUF VG259QM

280Hz FPS Gaming Monitor

Let it not be heard that you do not play first-person shooter (FPS) games well, especially when you can turn your wins around for the better with this Asus TUF gaming monitor. This monitor employs a refresh rate of 280Hz and a swift response speed of 1ms (Gray to Gray) to produce smooth and stunning visuals that are highly appreciated in FPS games.

 Its visuals employ a 178° viewing angle that ensures minimal visual distraction and color shift even when viewed from extreme angles. The image utilizes a shadow boost technology for improving darker areas without too much highlight on brighter areas. It also features HDR technology with 400 nits of brightness and a professional color gamut that delivers realistic and stunning images as well as a rich contrast for darker colors.

The visual experience provided by this monitor is smooth, clear, tear-free, and stutter-free, thanks to its G-Sync compatibility that prevents the images from blur and ghosting. Another game-centric feature employed by the Asus Tuf gaming monitor is its unique integrated gameplay hotkey that offers in-game enhancements through its game-visual technology that has seven preset display modes that can be optimized for different types of content (this feature can also be activated via the on-screen display settings menu).

This monitor produces images that are flicker-free with low blue light and an extremely low motion blur technology that eliminates smearing and motion blur for smoother and more responsive gaming sessions. Its connectivity ports include a display port, two HDMI ports, and an earphone jack. It also has an ergonomic stand that provides tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment features for this monitor that can also be wall-mounted with VESA standards.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a refresh rate of 280Hz
  • It is G-Sync compatible with HDR 400
  • Its stand is adjustable


  • It has no built-in speaker
  • It only has a few connection ports

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Fast-paced and competitive games such as FPS require a high refresh rate as well as a tested and trusted technology that prevents screen tearing. I hope the selected FPS monitors had a pass mark in your set of criteria. If you have any need to search for more options, you can find them on Amazon.

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