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Computer Word Games are gaining popularity, and it has unquestionably earned itself some high marks as a source of entertainment, education, and stress relief. As opposed to other video games, there are numerous reasons people of all ages and gender favor word games, which includes improvement in cognitive abilities, vocabulary, and concentration.

Word games are also an effective tool for improving problem-solving skills and creating an educative platform for socialization.

Numerous word games can be played on your computer, and you must identify with the best games that can help you relieve stress and improve your mental focus and vocabulary at the same time. 

This article contains the best three computer word games that are suitable for people of all ages. They are educative, entertaining, and relaxing but it is also important to avoid being addicted to them.



Having millions of players that you can play against in real-time, Wordament has earned itself some fine credits as one of the most popular and well-played computer word games.

It is available on Windows 10 PC and mobile app for free with sponsored ads. However, if you find the ads distracting and want to play the game without ads, you can subscribe to a premium package.

Wordament employs a time duration of two minutes within which the player is expected to create words by connecting them either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically.

The player is provided with the options for shuffle and hints, after which he will be scored according to the number of words he was able to form and the duration that it took to complete the game. 

Download Wordament for Windows 10


Unlike the Wordament, where you’re expected to connect words either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, TypeShift requires its players to form words by moving a cell that contains a single letter to a row till the correct word is formed. 

The wrong spelling of a word is displayed, and the player is expected to form the correct word by moving any letter from the alphabets provided till he forms the correct word, and the game ends when you find all the correct words.

At the beginner’s level, this game is straightforward and fun to play, but as you progress, it becomes complex and requires in-depth knowledge of vocabularies to maintain your grades. 

Download Typeshift for Android

Words With Friends 2

Like its name, it is designed to be played online with friends who you’re expected to win with more points in different sections of the games; plus, it provides options that allow you to track your game progress easily.

Apart from a multiplayer setting, this game also has a solo challenge where you can either play single-handedly or compete against fictional characters. 

Words with Friends 2 have earned its popularity in its gaming manifesto that requires in-depth strategic thinking, wide knowledge of vocabularies, speed, and accuracy.

In addition to this, a rank is bestowed on each avid player based on his gaming prowess, and each updated version of the game makes it fun, entertaining, and educative to play. 

Download Words with Friends 2 for Android

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