Best AM4 Motherboard For Gaming 

Motherboards are the focal points of every computing device, and for your gaming needs, a great choice of a motherboard will add fun to your gaming needs. The motherboard acts as the primary circuit, connecting all aspects of your computer, from the hard drive to the ram, etc.  We are particular about the kind of […]

Best Z390 Motherboards For Gaming 

The Z390 is Intel’s newest deployment of engineering and this generation of motherboards speaks of greatness and rich technical know-how. They work well with the 9th generation of Coffee Lake processors, this is what they are produced for anyway.  Released in 2018, these motherboards are one of the strongest in the market today, if all-around […]

Best RAM For Gaming Laptop

Have you been experiencing slow response time in games, bottleneck, incompatibility with modern games, poor graphic quality, and overall system lag in your gaming laptop and you’ve been thinking of trashing it or giving it out? Before you do so, have you considered that the problem could be from the RAM of your gaming laptop? […]

Best i7 processors For 4k Gaming

What does your 4k gaming bucket list look like and let the Intel i7 processors crush the checklist? High frame rates, ultra-fast rendering, excellent performance, high clock speeds, multi-tasking, and the vital thing on your list- high-quality resolution.  Apart from being one of the best generations of intel processors, i7 processors are built with integrated […]

Best Ram For Ryzen 3700X

Your computer Ram plays an essential role in setting up your computer and determines how fast or slow the computer runs. The wrong Ram in a computer can lead to a host of issues, ranging from blue screen to bottlenecks with loading your programs and keeping your computing operations going.  Ryzen 7 is the 3rd […]

How Hot Should A Graphics Card Be For Gaming

Graphics cards are very important for gaming, especially if you play games that require intense graphics and frame rates. A lot of us feel nonchalant about the temperature of graphics cards and so, we had to learn the importance of regulating the temperature of our graphics card the hard way.  If this is your case, […]

How Hot Should A CPU Be For Gaming

The Central Processing Unit is the brain of the computer system and it holds the functionality of the computer system in its hands ( that’s if it has one, lol).  Maintaining the right CPU temperature is very important especially if you’re mostly involved with games. While some people might wonder about the relationship between games […]

Best CPUs With Integrated Graphics For Gaming

These days, the law of gravity does not apply to the prices of graphics cards and that has got a lot of gamers looking for affordable alternatives to graphics cards. Viola, CPUs with integrated graphics makes the magic happen.  Although a lot of people think that they specifically need a dedicated graphics card for gaming, […]

How Much RAM Do You Need For Gaming

There are a lot of things to put into consideration when setting up a gaming PC or before playing a game. These include your graphics, resolutions, speed, and memory – especially the memory.  Using the right RAM size provides easy access to your gaming data to facilitate a smooth game, sustainable frame rates per second, […]

How Much Does A Gaming Keyboard Cost?

Pretty sure that you have a lovely idea of how you want your gaming setup and well-estimated prices of all the hardware – well, except the gaming keyboard in most cases. Why? Unlike the gaming monitor with a price that the size and other features can easily estimate, the prices of a gaming keyboard ( […]

Best 3D Wall Panels For Gaming Setup

Cool gaming room check – great gaming chair, outstanding gaming computer and monitor performance, cool mechanical keyboard, responsive gaming mouse, and a collection of mind-blowing games. However, some ( pretty sure not all) do not have a cool gaming room with an aesthetic covering of their walls.  They’re comfortable with the plain boring wall panels […]

Best Graphics Card For Rainbow Six Siege 

What does 144fps and more represent for gaming enthusiasts? It means speed and complete balance, this is what you enjoy when you go hard on your gaming interface, with the best graphics cards. You will require a good and stable graphics card if you intend to make anything out of Rainbow Six Siege.  The reason […]