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Best Mid Century Computer Desks

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If you are interested in the perfect balance of vintage aesthetics and uncompromising work-centric productivity, it’s time to consider mid-century computer desks. These desks flaunt cleaner lines and organic curves that are contemporary yet based on the modern furnishing preferences. Most importantly, they come in diverse forms and can be purchased online.

In this post we will talk about three of the best mid-century computer desks to buy. If you are after other types of desks then do check out our main desks page. While the first selection boasts of a centralized drawer and unconventional design, the second product on our list is a functional, mid-century modern computer desk with a laminated chassis. The final product is a mid-century ladder desk that comes with a host of functionalities as compared to some of the other basic computer desks.

Let’s dive in.

Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Mid Century Computer Desk


Christopher Knight Home Peninah Desk

This product is the perfect rendition of mid-century furniture, featuring a sturdy and premium wooden chassis. While the structural components are pretty minimalistic, this desk can be used to accommodate computers and other electronic devices. Using the same for reading and occasional writing is also possible. Not just that, the faux wooden overlay further amplifies the structural significance of this mid-century computer desk.

This desk comes with a 40-inch working space which is quite adequate for basic computing chores. The most striking feature associated with this desk is the large drawer, structured right in the middle. The drawer doesn’t have segregations which make it possible to store keyboards, documents, and chargers, as per requirements. Most importantly, you do not require additional expertise to install the furniture as the company provides a pretty standard manual.

Here is a mid-century desk from Christopher Knight Home that doesn’t need to add in a lot of secondary features. The layout and design elements adhere to the mid-century aesthetics and the cleaner yet contemporary attributes can complement any interior. Most importantly, the base material used in manufacturing is rubberwood which makes it light and perfect for smaller spaces.

Pros and Cons


  • The perfect version of a mid-century furniture
  • Decent, 40-inch working space
  • Large drawer in the middle with ample storage space


  • Lack of structural attributes
  • Simplistic and monotonous design elements 

Editors’ Rating – 4.5 out of 5

Check it out on Amazon.

Ameriwood Home Landon Desk

If you are worried about the restricted workspace, the Home Landon Desk from Ameriwood is the perfect product to consider. This product is extremely functional and adheres to the mid-century modern structural elements. The compact footprint followed by metallic legs and laminated working surface makes this a sought-after computer desk. 

The innovative structural elements associated with this mid-century computer desk render weightless durability to the product. Despite weighing a mere 57 pounds, this desk offers a 45-inch working space. The topmost surface is spacious enough to accommodate a laptop and a host of other utilitarian accessories. Apart from that, there is a perfectly-placed open cubby, capable of storing important documents with ease. 

This product from Ameriwood features on our list due to the structural brilliance on display. The product strikes the perfect balance between mid-century design and modern structural preferences of the existing generation. Moreover, the hairpin legs further validate the aesthetic brilliance and craftsmanship of this Landon desk. Lastly, this product also features a sizeable drawer that adds to the overall productivity. 

Pros and Cons


  • Perfectly designed cubby  and a drawer for storing documents
  • Hairpin legs are strong and add to the aesthetic brilliance
  • Spacious , 45-inch working surface


  • Installing the same requires a lot of effort and time
  • Laminated working top is prone to chipping upon impact

Editors’ Rating – 4.5 out of 5

Check it out on Amazon.

GOTDCO Modern Ladder Desk

Mid-century ladder desks are underrated but extremely useful. While you wouldn’t find many ladder desks in offices, they are aesthetically brilliant and capable of saving a lot of horizontal space, in the case room dimensions are constrained. This product from GOTDCO offers a decent storage space and a spacious working surface that features the solidarity of MDF. Most importantly, this product is perfectly suitable for users who prefer rounded edges and corners.

It is the structural finesse of this mid-century ladder desk that stands out. The premium quality of the metallic chassis and the MDF shelves are worth mentioning. The powder-coated chassis renders additional levels of stability and durability to this product. Moreover, this product is capable of handling a lot of weight and extremely easy to clean as well. 

We added this product to our list of mid-century computer desks due to the innovative design and structural significance. The ladder-type structure makes this a lightweight product that weighs a mere 26.5 pounds. Despite the feathery feel, the legs feature metallic frames which further add to the durability of the same. This product is nothing less than an engineering marvel, featuring an open shelf, minimalistic layout, and a rustic appearance. 

Pros and Cons


  • Innovative design
  • Shelves flaunt medium density fiber wood for additional strength
  • Steel-infused frame that is powder-coated


  • Smaller working space as compared to conventional desks
  • The design might feel overwhelming at times

Editors’ Rating – 4 out of 5

Check it out on Amazon.


Mid-century computer desks can be different compared to the conventional ones. Most importantly, it is important to keep your expectations realistic while selecting mid-century furniture. Based on the aforementioned list, you can opt for the basic mid-century desk from Christopher Knight Home if minimalism is what you are looking for.

However, the second product from Ameriwood is probably the most appropriate as it offers innovative and productive structural elements like a drawer and cubby followed by an affordable price tag. The last option of GOTDCO has a specific clientele and may or may not be what you are looking for.

Of course, there are always other options if you would like to


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