Best 4K Monitor

A monitor with a high resolution like 4K can affect your productivity either with gaming or general computing. While offering a higher resolution to view movies, games, or work, a 4K monitor also offers more screen estate and makes it very easy to multi-task and simultaneously create a uniform and creative workflow. One of the […]

Best Graphics Card For 4K Gaming

To run innovative games on a 4K resolution computer you will need a graphics card that can match your computer resolution, and give you great firepower to play your amazing collection of games. A fast graphics card here is as important as having the best arsenals, and tool kits for your seamless operation. Our top […]

Best CPU For 4K Gaming

Choosing or naming one gaming CPU as the best would be a really difficult task as there are many great options to pick from a lot has happened in the past few years, lots of improvements, new features being added, four cores and eight threads is now the standard even at the low-end. These days […]

Best 4k Gaming Monitor For Xbox One X

Monitors are great for console gaming but a game such as the Xbox One X requires a well-built monitor with only the best resolution to get the best out of it. 4k computer resolution ushered in a new dawn in monitor technology, and its outstanding picture quality is deserving of a standing ovation. An exquisite […]

Best 4k Monitor For Ps4 Pro

The reign of Ps4 is far from being over, and the Ps4 Pro is just another proof of PS4 gaming that just got more exciting. One of the best ways to unleash the potentials of the Ps4 Pro is by playing on a computer monitor built with gaming specifications and excellent monitor resolution for excellent […]

Best Wireless Router for Streaming 4K

If you are consuming 4K content on your go-to device or streaming directly from the Roku or other device, top-of-the-line internet connectivity is a must-have. However, every router isn’t the same, and therefore, it is necessary to identify only the powerful ones for a lag-free 4K streaming experience. Don’t forget, streaming 4K content is at […]