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A monitor with a high resolution like 4K can affect your productivity either with gaming or general computing. While offering a higher resolution to view movies, games, or work, a 4K monitor also offers more screen estate and makes it very easy to multi-task and simultaneously create a uniform and creative workflow.

One of the many benefits that a 4K monitor holds for office tasks is a large amount of workspace that it creates for your data while leaving more than enough room for other tabs or windows. I personally know that it is great for having multiple spreadsheets open at the same time. If you are looking for other monitors, check out the monitor overview page.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best 4K Monitor


Asus VP28UQG

4K Monitor for Gaming

This 4K gaming monitor is finely designed for gamers to provide crystal clear motion pictures that are well detailed and colorful. Its 170° viewing angle is supported on a sturdy stand to present to the gamer a life-sized view of the games as well as more on screen desktop space for other windows.

The Asus 4K gaming monitor employs Free Sync technology to provide clear and smooth visuals that are tear-free and stutter-free. The visuals are presented at a lightning response speed of 1ms and a refresh rate of 60Hz to support swift gaming reactions that are precise and accurately targeted. The Asus 4K gaming monitor incorporates a 5 way OSD joystick that delivers intuitive monitor controls that can be used to access gaming profiles such as the Asus Game Plus on the fly.

Another game-centered feature employed by the Asus 4K UHD gaming monitor is its game visual settings that can be used to enhance color performance and control in four modes to enhance your gaming skills. The game-centric features employed by this monitor are engineered to produce premium picture quality that is flicker-free with low latency and input lag.

As expected of gamers to be on the seat for long hours, this monitor features an eye care technology that helps to reduce the blue light that could cause eye strain and headaches. This monitor can be connected through its dual HDMI ports and its display port. The Asus VP28UQG gaming monitor is backed by a three-year warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • It has two HDMI ports
  • It has a 170° viewing angle
  • It features Free Sync technology


  • The stand is not adjustable
  • It is heavily geared toward gamers only

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LG 27UK850-W

4K Monitor for Office Work

This monitor has a sleek design and is supported by a sturdy adjustable stand that allows the monitor to be tilted and pivoted. Its three-sided borderless design makes it a very nice choice for a multi-display setup for your workstation. This 4K resolution produces stunning pictures that are well detailed even when it is viewed off-angle. It has a refresh rate of 65Hz and it displays pictures at a response speed of 5ms.

This monitor is compatible with HDR 10 to support specific color levels and brightness that exceeds the capacity of ordinary monitors. To ensure a smooth display of pictures, this monitor operates with Free Sync technology for a stutter-free, tear-free, and low lag input even in fast-paced videos, although this feature can only be utilized when it is connected to an HDMI port or a display port.

This LG 4K monitor utilizes the benefits featured by being compatible with HDCP 2.2 to provide a seamless display of 4K contents from numerous sources. It also functions with over 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum for ideal color reproduction in pictures.

Another incredible feature employed by the LG 4K monitor is an on-screen control setting that transfers several essential monitor settings into an exclusive window so that it can be easily controlled and customized for a faster output in your productivity. This monitor can be connected via a USB type C port for video display, data transfer, and device charging at the same time.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a USB type C port
  • It features Free Sync and is compatible with HDR 10
  • It has a three-sided borderless design


  • The Free Sync feature can only be activated when the monitor is connected to an HDMI port
  • It has no built-in speaker

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BenQ PD2700 U

4K Monitor for Design

The activities that you can do with a 4K monitor are numerous and designing is just one of the many benefits. Take your designing skills a step higher with the BenQ AQ color 4K 27 inch monitor. This monitor has wide viewing angles and supports a dual view mode for both sRGB mode and CAD/CAM mode at the same time.

This monitor provides extraordinary clarity of fine details with realistic colors that are of the highest quality to help you work effectively. The BenQ 4K monitor employs HDR 10 and its display also uses 10% sRGB for stunning videos and content creation, animation, visual effects, graphics, and photos.

To help you work better for longer hours, this monitor employs a blue light reduction technique and anti-flickers to prevent eye strain and headaches. It also employs anti-flicker to prevent flickers and backlight bleeding to give you an exceptional digital viewing experience.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a low blue light and anti-flicker
  • The stand is not adjustable
  • It supports a dual view mode


  • It is not ideal for games
  • It does not have a built-in speaker

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4K resolution is one of the biggest things to have graced the world of monitors and its benefits can be used for games, designing, and general computing.

I hope that this article proved to be very resourceful in helping you find a 4K monitor that suits your needs. However, if you need to look at more options you can always head over to Amazon and continue your search there.


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