Difference Between APU, CPU and GPU

When buying a desktop computer, there are a series of processors that are integrated to enhance the general performance of the computer. Some are functional for graphical representation and others process the overall performance of the computer. Some of the core processors built into a computer include a GPU, CPU, and APU. The functions of […]

Best Gaming CPU under 200

Building a computer on a budget can be a difficult thing to do now, this put into consideration the hardship the Covid-19 has brought to the world and all the problems the come with it. Importantly the prices of things are skyrocketing, and this might be the case for the few months that remain before […]

Best CPU For 1080 TI

What do you look out for when you want to get a CPU that will be compatible with your computer graphics card? For many, the options here will depend on the budget, and what falls into this list goes. This will equally help you to match your CPU processing prowess with a Graphics card that […]

Best CPU For AMA 3

The CPU is essentially an integral aspect of your computer, which demands care and special considerations when choosing this line. As to what CPU to buy for your computer.  Besides, when the option is closed down to a question such as this, it is still worthy to say that the CPU will still be used […]

Best CPU For Gaming & Streaming in 2021

Gaming is one of the most intense functions you can carry out on a computer, It commands high framerates, resolution and will require your settings to be right for it to function actively. Other demanding programs like gaming include video editing and modeling, as well as rendering. Regardless of your need and wishes, we have […]

Best CPU For GTX 1060

You already know all that the CPU represents, and why care must be taken in deciding the CPU to settle with and for what purpose. Today we are looking at the best CPU for GTX 1060, it implies that there are special CPUs that will work with the GTX 1060, without lags. Building that balance […]

Best CPU For GTX 1070

CPU means Central Processing Unit. It is one of the main components of a computer that processes information. It processes the data and produces an output that may be stored by an application or displayed on the screen. It contains at least one processor which is the actual chip inside the computer CPU that performs […]

Best CPU For GTX 1080

CPU means Central Processing Unit. It is also called the central processor, main processor, or processor. It is the principal part of a computer and it composes of the main memory, a control unit, an arithmetic- logic unit. It is the heart of the computer and it is linked with input and output devices and […]

Best CPU For 4K Gaming

Choosing or naming one gaming CPU as the best would be a really difficult task as there are many great options to pick from a lot has happened in the past few years, lots of improvements, new features being added, four cores and eight threads is now the standard even at the low-end. These days […]

Best Motherboard For i7 4790k

A motherboard is also known as the mainboard, system board, planar board, or logic board. The motherboard is the backbone and the primary piece of the circuitry of a computer. It ties the components together at one spot allows them to interact with one another. To determine the best motherboard for i7 4790k depends on […]

Best RAM For i7 6700k

RAM means Random Access Memory. RAM is also known as main memory, primary memory, or system memory. It one of the important components of a computer and without it, a computer won’t work. It is where data is stored and retrieved, but it is for a short time, and it cannot retain data in the […]

Best Quiet Computer Case

The noise from a running computer can sometimes be annoying, much to the interference of a smooth gaming or working session and the disturbance of the people around you. Believe me, you don’t hate the sounds as much as I do, and that is why I had to help myself with a quiet computer case.  […]