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How Do I Check How Many CPU Threads Do I have?

The amount of CPU Threads on a computer is determined by certain things such as the model, generation, core counts, and the availability or ...

Best CPU And GPU Temp Monitor

Playing games or editing videos on a PC is fun until you notice your system not responding anymore. You touch the CPU body to find that its ...

Difference Between APU, CPU and GPU

When buying a desktop computer, there are a series of processors that are integrated to enhance the general performance of the computer. Some are ...

Build Log Part 2 – This Ain’t Goin’ Well

Things are not always as easy as they should be. How did I end up getting thermal paste everywhere? Have a watch and prepare to cringe! ...

Build Log Part 1 – Poop Stain on my Heat Sink?

Yeah, there are going to be parts to the MetallicGear Neo G Mini build log. Things did not go quite as easily as expected. Here is part one: ...

Unboxing the AMD Ryzen 2700 Processor

Yup, I'm doing it. I am calling AMD Ryzen 2700 (not the Ryzen 2700x) the best CPU of the year. In terms of value and performance, this ...

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