Magnavox HD DVR HDD 1TB Atsc Tuner

HD simply means high-definition video. It is a video of high resolution and quality. Any video played on the computer with more than 480 vertical scan lines is regarded as high resolution. The high resolution came about as a result of the development of discrete cosine transform video compression. This compression was developed by Nasir […]

RAID with a SSD and HDD

It is a fact that the slowest component in the computer is the storage system. The CPU with its fast cache memory interacts with the fast RAM and the slower systems disks. RAID, an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks is a method of putting together different disks into one to improve performance, reliability […]

HDD And SSD Setup For Gaming

Your choice of computer storage will define how fast or slow your games load, and the nature of the interface you will enjoy when you go gaming. While storage devices are broadly divided along two lines of HDD and SSD, it is more than just a division, as the technology between these two storage options […]

Speed Difference Between SSD and HDD

We still have hard disk drives (HDD) in low priced and older computers, but Solid State Drives (SSD) are now trendy in the mainstream systems and expensive laptops like the Apple MacBook Pro, does not even offer a hard disk drive as a configurable option. But it’s quite obvious that desktops and cheaper options laptops […]

Add SSD To Laptop And Keep HDD

Can I use SSD and HDD at the same time? Lots of people are confused about this question especially when building a computer for gaming. Can you have an SSD and an HDD on the same computer? The answer is absolutely yes. It is an excellent idea to use SSD and HDD at the same […]

Moving Games From SSD to HDD

One of the many benefits of using an SSD storage device is its fast performance but because of its cost, a lot of gamers prefer to use an SSD with a low capacity storage feature. With time, the SSD becomes full because of its inability to store heavy data, which leads to the slow performance […]

Moving Programs From SSD to HDD

A lot of people readily store programs on an SSD storage device but with time, they realize that an SSD is built with limited storage capacity and the large number of programs saved on it will slow down its performance.  Of course, they turn to the next viable option that poses as an HDD storage […]

Moving Files From SSD to HDD

SSD’s are well known for their speed and enhanced performance of the operating system and the applications installed on the computer but it is not all rosy especially with its storage capacity.  Despite their outstanding speed, they are not an ideal storage location for files because of their poor storage capacity which gets full in […]

256GB SSD vs 1TB HDD

Storage devices are highly important for the overall functioning and performance of a computer because it determines the volume of files that can be stored and the speed at which tasks can be executed.  There are different types of computer storage devices and the most popular is the Solid State Drive which is commonly called […]

USB Universal Drive Adapter Kit

If you have been using PCs for a while, you likely have an old hard drive from previous computers sitting around. If you ever need to get at the data on an old drive, there’s an easy way to do so without mounting the drive inside your PC. These days gone are the hassle of […]

External HDD Not Showing Up Windows 10

It can be annoying and this poses a difficult situation, when you have this file you want to transfer from your computer to your hard drive or from the hard drive to the computer and your hard drive doesn’t pop up. This, of course, will hamper your productivity and delay you for a few minutes, […]

SSD VS HDD Power Consumption

SSD is fast becoming the mainstay of the storage unit when it comes to computers and there are a couple of questions, as to why this is happening. The power-efficient nature of the computer SSD cards is one of the major reasons for the choice of SSD storage over HDD, the SSD storage uses less […]