MSI X99s SLI Plus Atx Lga2011-3 Motherboard

While every X99 computer motherboard can use all 16 lanes from the -5820K on the uppermost slot, MSI is the only company that chooses to untether eight of them for use by the third slot across its entire X99 motherboard series. Even the cheap ones. We can also see that the X99S SLI Plus is […]

Why is my Asus Motherboard VGA Led white light on?

Your led white light on your Asus motherboard has turned on and will refuse to off. This can be an issue, especially noting the fact that the light can be a disturbance, why then is the VGA Led light on. This is the reason you are here, and we will guide you in getting to […]

Gigabyte – ga-ab350m-ds3h Micro ATX Am4 Motherboard

Gigabyte is a big name in the computing space and no doubt, they are amazing at what they do, Gigabyte has been in the market for years and they keeps evolving, with large offerings in a compact state. The GA-AB350M-DS3H Micro ATX motherboard is our subject of review today, and the reasons for picking this […]

Asus – Prime ×399-a Eatx Tr4 Motherboard

If you desire a heavy-duty motherboard with amazing processing prowess, you are home to your solution, as this motherboard is perfectly built for heavy computer users and high-end gamers. Your computer will never break down, and you are guaranteed protection from CPU hitches on your motherboard. For professional content creators, power users, the Asus Prime […]

AsRock 990FX Killer ATX Am3+ Motherboard

The 3-way graphics support of the AsRock motherboard is almost the first noticeable feature of the motherboard that catches the eyes; this unique computer motherboard is home to other exciting features you will find out in a moment. When it comes to picking the right motherboard for your projects, the need is usually cut across […]

Graphics Card Widths Explained

When we talk about the width then there are generally two types of graphics cards: Low Profile (LP) and Full Profile or Full Slot graphics cards. A low profile computer graphics card is slimmer with a half-height bracket design i.e. it has a shorter width (69mm or 70mm) and is designed to fit in low […]

Gigabyte – Z370p D3 ATX LGA 1151 Motherboard

Gigabyte is no new name with motherboards, computing accessories, they have been there, and keeps it going at all times. There is no doubt, about the company’s commitment to better their place at the top of the pyramid and keeps going. While the computer motherboard is budget-friendly, the features it houses will make you agree […]

Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 2700x

Optimum performance on your computer will depend largely on the underground components. The motherboard is one of the most essential components you must take care of if you are to enjoy the best offerings from your computer. Our top three picks, have all the boxes ticked, we are particular about what works and we have […]

Best 3-Pin RGB for a Motherboard Header

If you’re a lover of RGB lights, you’ll want a standardized RGB controller that offers easy customization of LED lights to create a beautiful lighting theme for your computer. As much as you may want this, finding the right RGB that is compatible with your motherboard can be tiring but have you thought of using […]

How To Choose A Motherboard For Gaming

If you’re looking to build your own PC or to buy a pre-built PC that you might want to expand or upgrade later, then there’s one component that will serve as its foundation. That component is the computer motherboard, and it’s an incredibly important piece of the PC puzzle. It determines many of the other […]

Best budget AM3+ Motherboard

Motherboards are one of the greatest computer parts that must be given careful consideration at all times, and choosing the right motherboard for your computing needs will be the right way to start your operations. You will not need to break the bank for the motherboards on this list, however, you will have the best […]

Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700x

A Motherboard is a component and the heart of a computer system that handles communications that are held between your processor, RAM, GPU, and all connected hardware. It is the main body of the computer and it is the biggest body inside the chassis which allows for an easy process of data between other components […]