What Happens If The Power Supply Is Not Enough For The Graphics Card?

Graphics cards are one among several computer components that consume a high amount of power voltage and when it is underpowered, a lot of things could go wrong. Some applications have intense graphics and as such, they require more power than what is already due to effectively produce clear graphics that are well suited to […]

Graphics Card Power Connectors

The amount of power consumed by a graphics card is tantamount to the quality of its graphics performance and adaptability to high-end games. A graphics card is a very vital component of a computer system that determines the quality of graphics displayed on a computer system but like every other component, it needs to be […]

Types of Power Supply Units

The power supply can be defined as an electrical device used to transmit electrical supply to electrical loads. This device’s main function is to regulate the electrical current from a source to the accurate voltage, frequency, and current to supply the load. Sometimes, these computer power supplies can be referred to as electric power converters. […]

Best UPS

Electrical power is one of the prominent factors that sustains a thriving business and in an economy where power outage and power surge hits unexpectedly, causing loss of data and harm to devices, what is your back up plan? Most times, sudden power failures happen because of reasons beyond our control, and the damages that […]

Are Computer Monitor Power Cords Universal?

TL;DR – Technically yes, but be careful with the power requirements. There are different brands that produce computer monitor power cords and, a lot of them are highly functional and durable but the question remains “are computer monitor power cords universal?” For some reason, you might have different power cords lying around that are designed […]

Unboxing the EVGA Supernova 650 G+ Power Supply

This is an awesome fully-modular power supply. Plenty of juice, nice looking default cables, and did I mention it is fully modular? Have a watch to see more of why I am placing it in my next computer build.