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Are Computer Monitor Power Cords Universal?

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TL;DR – Technically yes, but be careful with the power requirements.

There are different brands that produce computer monitor power cords and, a lot of them are highly functional and durable but the question remains “are computer monitor power cords universal?” For some reason, you might have different power cords lying around that are designed for different computer monitors and you’re faced with the question of interchanging them to function with different hardware. If you’ve faced this challenge, then keep reading. 

The simple answer to this million-dollar question is “if it fits, it will work”! This goes on to say that computer monitor power cords are universal although, it is advisable to use a computer monitor power cord whose power gauge is similar (or almost similar) to the device that you intend to use it on.

However, this is not a trivial issue because most computer monitor power cords are designed to convert power to a capacity that is suitable for the monitor, and only on rare occasions do computer monitors have to contradict power gauge to the point of not functioning with a different power cable (I haven’t encountered or heard of any).


In conclusion, most computer monitor power cords are standardized, and although there are no actual standards listed for a monitor or hardware, it is ideal for safety reasons to use a power cord that is rated for the correct current. In other words, computer monitor power cords are universal as long as the capacity of the power or current is adequate for the hardware.

What does a computer monitor power cord do?

A computer monitor power cord is designed to provide power to the computer monitor and other hardware or components within a computer. Simply put, it is the power transporter and in its absence, activities will have to be put on hold.

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