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Have you ever wanted everyone to see your awesome new laptop, but have no way to show it off because it is so thin? Well friend, have a seat. These puppies do more than just look cool on your desk.

The benefits of a laptop stand are numerous, one of which is that it places your body in a more comfortable position that will help you work better. Some of its features such as a cooling surface are very helpful in preventing the laptop from overheating. There are different designs of a laptop stand, some of which presents them as multi-functional and very portable.

Let’s check them out!

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Laptop Stand


Lamicall Laptop Stand

Slanted Stand

When placing your laptop on a stand, be sure of its sturdiness because therein lies the security. Lamicall laptop stands are synonymous with security. It symbolizes everything that is required to maintain your laptop’s functionality while you work. With a width of 9.4 inches, a length of 10.2 inches, and a height of 5.4 inches, it stands firm with a 360° rotatable base that offers the user the flexibility to turn the laptop to any preferred angle. 

This laptop stand is made of premium alloy which makes it very sturdy,  reliable, and fits all tablets and laptops that are up to 17 inches. The frame of this exquisite stand is smooth and this feature prevents your laptop from getting scratched during usage. It also features rubber pads on its top surface and front lips that keeps things from getting scuffed. The rubber pads also function as a sturdy mechanism that keeps the laptop firm and stable. The Lamicall laptop stand is rotatable and has a stand holder that can be used to raise the laptop screen to eye level. Its sturdiness makes it reliable and suitable for different activities.

Pros and Cons


  • It is rotatable 
  • It has rubber pads that prevent the laptop from getting scuffed
  • It is very sturdy


  • The height cannot be adjusted
  • The angle cannot be adjusted

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Skrebba Laptop Riser

Dual Stand

Have you considered spicing things up when searching for a laptop stand?  Well, this laptop stand is a beautiful and classy answer that seals the deal. Made from aluminum alloy, this laptop stands tall at a height of 2.4 inches, a length of 12.7 inches, and a width of 10.7 inches. It has rounded corners and can strongly support up to 44 lbs of weight.

The Skrebba laptop stand has a unique hollow design with 13 holes to complement this feature. These holes function as a means of ventilation to control the temperature of the laptop by effectively preventing the laptop from overheating and also increase the amount of airflow that is directed towards the base of your laptop. This laptop also has anti-skid rubber pads that complement the later feature by keeping the laptop in a slightly raised position to aid the process of dissipating heat from it and thus keeping cool. The anti-skid rubber pads can be found on the protective hook, as well as the lower and the upper surface of this laptop stand. It’s secured positions keep the laptop firm and stable while protecting it from scratching or sliding off during usage. 

Another feature employed by this laptop stand is its tilt angle that can be adjusted to any preferred angle and can as well be laid flat for easy storage. It also has a groove in the bottom panel that can be used for storing stationery and little computer accessories. The Skrebba laptop stand is compatible with all laptops with sizes ranging from 10 inches to 17 inches.

Pros and Cons


  • It has 13 holes at the bottom that serves as ventilation points
  • It has anti-skid rubber pads that keep the laptop firmly in place
  • Its tilt angle can be adjusted


  • The joints are very stiff
  • It might require some effort to set it to a preferred angle 

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Iconflang Laptop Stand

Foldable Stand

Having a foldable laptop stand provides easy mobility and flexibility. It can also be considered as the best space-saving option among all the designs of a laptop stand. With a length of 9.8 inches and adjustable width of 2.3 inches. The Iconflang laptop stand performs a multifunctional job even as a laptop stand. Its width can be adjusted to comfortably hold your laptop and your phone too. The height angle of this portable laptop stand can be easily adjusted to six different levels until a comfortable visual angle is achieved. It is finely made of premium aluminum alloy and silicone pad. The silicone pad functions as an anti-slip agent that holds the laptop firm and prevents scratches during use.

The Iconflang laptop stands can be folded to a mini-compact size that is easy to carry, and thus making it a nice ergonomic companion for travel, outings, and other activities. It proudly supports all laptops and tablets that are up to 15.6 inches wide with a maximum weight of 44 lbs. This product has a 100% guarantee from the manufacturer and comes with a full refund or a new replacement within one year of purchase.

Pros and Cons


  • It is portable and lightweight
  • It has anti-slip silicone mats that hold a laptop firmly and prevent scratches
  • Its height can be adjusted to six different levels


  • It is not ideal for wide laptops
  • It looks small

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Using a laptop for a long period of time without any form of ergonomic support can result in some health-related issues such as back and neck pain. It is important to consider in a laptop stand because it is safer and more comfortable than hunching over the laptop, but always consult a healthcare professional if you are having issues with pain.

I hope this article proved to be very informative and brought your search for a laptop stand to a fruitful end. If you didn’t find what you were looking for though, there are more options on Amazon.

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