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AsRock 990FX Killer ATX Am3+ Motherboard

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The 3-way graphics support of the AsRock motherboard is almost the first noticeable feature of the motherboard that catches the eyes; this unique computer motherboard is home to other exciting features you will find out in a moment. When it comes to picking the right motherboard for your projects, the need is usually cut across three major areas.

Compatibility, cost, and fitness for purpose. These are key factors that must be decided before actions are taken on the choice of the motherboard to pick.

So what is the hack about compatibility? A good motherboard should have the ability to work with all the processors, especially the processor you want to connect it with

Good Motherboard Features

The motherboard should be cost-cutting, so it does not push your budget to the extreme while you get a perfect computer in an affordable pack. It should be fit for purpose, it is like buying a phone for gaming and later discovering, it cannot load games like FIFA. The purpose is defeated and this can be an issue!

Once you have these three sorted out, you are guaranteed a seamless gaming and general computing experience on your computer. The AsRock 990FX ticks the list of all essential features on what a motherboard should have and adds more than enough to the market offering.

Another thing you should consider before picking your motherboard is the features, are they upgradeable? The internet is fast evolving and technology is changing by the hour, a motherboard that offers you upgradable features is a kill for the money, as it will keep you in business for a long time.

Let us run through the amazing list of features, that makes this motherboard a great piece of computing hardware.

Why AsRock Motherboard Is The Best


At the heart of every computer is the central processing unit CPU, and just how great your CPU configurations are, will lay credence to how great your computer will function, and optimum performance is the goal of every computer user.

The motherboard supports both Am3 and Am3+ processors and is preloaded with 8-cores, Digi power design, with fantastic support for your overclocking operations.

You get the NorthbridgeAMD 990FX and Southbridge AMD 950 chipsets, perfectly packed together to improve your processing operations. The 3.0 Hyper-Transfer technology, will surely blow your mind.

There is more on this, the 8+2 power phase design of the motherboard is a delight, and it supports the AMD cooler quiet technology, which makes it fantastic.


The dual-channel DDR3 memory technology, with a 4× DDR3 memory slot support, makes it just fine for everything you want to throw at it. With a 64GB maximum system memory support, you will not be far off the range of sophisticated computing powers, when you settle for this motherboard.

You also get the Intel extreme memory profile and the AMD memory profile combining, to give you a fantastic computing experience on the go.


This is as important as the first two features we have treated on this list, just what can you connect to your computer and how great are your options, is a question you will have to find answers to, before making a purchasing decision.

With 3× PCI express 2.0×16 slots and 2× PCI express 2.0 X1 slot you are guaranteed swift connections at the go, and this is brilliant. The AMD Duad Crossfire X 3-way NVIDIA AND QUD-SLI features, all add to this amazing list of connection options.

Furthermore, there is an IR Header, com port header, ATX form factor, and Turbo 50, USB-3.1 and ATX power connectors all available for your connection needs. The motherboard supports energy-efficient Ethernet, with 1× PCI-E Gigabyte LAN support, for your fast network loads and easy connections.


A 5x Sata 3 offering over 6.0GB/s connectors will surely make you settle for this motherboard for your gaming and computing needs, it doesn’t end here, there is a 1× M. 2 SSD (NAFF) socket 3, and other M. 2 sockets for your connection needs and smooth loads.

Premium motherboard functionality is your best offering on the AsRock motherboard, giving you a wide variety of fulfilling features to keep you going and get your computer functioning at the best level.

Budget Motherboard

In terms of cost, this motherboard lays to rest the worries of having a perfect motherboard within a cheap range for your computing operations that offer premium features. Yes, you read that right. The motherboard is affordable and fits every budget.

In addition, it is an entry-level motherboard, with advanced features that will allow you to play your choice games at the minimum, without cracking things up for you. Therefore, if you want to run those cool games, on a budget computer, this motherboard will do the work without breaking things up. We are certain this is what you want!


Why you want a motherboard, should be the first deciding factor to the kind of motherboard you will settle down with. In addition, the AsRock990FX Killer is a beast in its own space, yeah, it ticks off a long list of amazing features and this is why we love it.

You can settle for this motherboard if you are in the market for an impressive motherboard, with great features, it works just great.Is there any feature of the AsRock 990FX Killer you love and think, this review overlooked? You can drop it in the comment box, so we can give you a holistic list of seasoned features.

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