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Best 1150 Motherboard For Gaming

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Gaming on a PC can be an expensive thing to do, especially when you want to keep to date with all the important updates in the gaming world and regular upgrades to meet your desired standards.

You will surely need to do some computer upgrades, as every game comes with its list of specifications and features. Here are three great choices you can make on the motherboard, and we have carefully selected this list to meet your demand.

Our Top Three Picks For the Best 1150 Motherboard For Gaming


Asus Maximus VI Hero

SATA 6 Port 1150 Motherboard For Gaming


The DDR3 2800 LGA motherboard offers plenty of options for you on your computer and this is sublime if you are into the gaming niche. It is a top-quality motherboard, which affords you a great deal of flexibility and unique options to try out anything.

You can easily run your high-end games on this motherboard without hitches; it is strongly built and comes equipped with all the necessary pieces of machinery needed to keep you afloat.

The simplistic outlook makes it even more endearing to the heart of many game lovers, while on the connection window you get multiple USB3 and 2 ports. Including a SATA 6 port, you also, get a fast boot line and other amazing output options you will love.

Pros And Cons


  • Simplistic design
  • Affordable
  • Variety of connection options


  • Limited features
  • Not great for high-end gamers

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MSI Computer ATX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150 Motherboard

Six-Fan Header 1150 Motherboard For Gaming


You are surely not reading about the MSI group for the first time and if there is a thing that endears this brand to many, is the company’s penchant for continuous growth and constant rebranding.

The ATX DDR3 2609 LGA motherboard is one great offering from the industry big boys, the MSI group. This graphics card works great with the Intel fourth and fifth-generation processors, offering a massive line of support for these computers and your gaming needs as well.

You get a six-fan header on this motherboard and its minimalistic design will surely get you liking the nice design and build of this motherboard. Overclocking is seamless on this motherboard and you get a nice selection of graphics-intensive games you can try on the motherboard, the performance is hassle-free.

The price tag of this motherboard is in the mid-range and this makes it quite easy to get, you can easily build a gaming computer resting on the motherboard component of this computer and you will be in the best of hands.

Pros And Cons


  • Six fan headers
  • Overclocks easily
  • Budget-friendly


  • Lacks advance features
  • Can’t handle heavy graphics demands

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Asus Maximus VII Hero

SSD Platform 1150 Motherboard For Gaming


Being a direct upgrade of the Asus Maximus VI Hero, this motherboard is a great delight for users and many good reasons.

This motherboard offers more than enough stimulating features that you will love, first, it comes with precision-engineered audio. This makes it easy for you to get premium-quality sounds at a great rate.

The GameFirst III software on this motherboard allows for easy optimization of the network to avoid lags and delays that come with playing games online. You can easily launch your star citizen game on this motherboard without glitches.

Playing other high-end games such as fortnight, the world of Warcraft, PUGB, and LOL are a delight on this motherboard as it offers you, great features and support to grow with.

You get the newest Intel chipsets on this computer, allowing you to handle PCI hard drives, meaning you are on the upgrades in terms of your storage option as you get on the SSD platform, rather than the HDD, your gaming interface is faster and more robust with the Hero VII.

Top of the line is the amazing speed you get on this motherboard; it is super fast and great.

Pros And Cons


  • Precision-engineered audio
  • Newest Intel chipsets
  • PCI support


  • Cost
  • Limited connection options

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Whether you are building your computer from the scratch or you are looking for a good Motherboard to replace your old one, there is one thing that you will always look out for and this is premium quality.

Building a computer then can be a safe option, because you will have the opportunity to work the parts until they fit your desired specifications. Moreover, you will be able to place each part by yourself, until you are satisfied with your efforts.

The thing with building is that you are in charge of the entire process, and picking your Motherboard is one of the most important decisions you will make.

The motherboard just as the name implies is the circuit board of the computer, other than just being the mainboard, the motherboard plays essential roles.

It connects all the parts and gives each part, the opportunity to flourish and achieve its goal.

The motherboard of a computer can be likened to the foundation of every building; it is from this foundation that the building gains its substance. Essentially, you must ensure the foundation is right, for your building to stand.

Since you will be using your computer for gaming, your motherboard must support the high-end games that you will throw at it, if not, you are sure to have a broken foundation. Your motherboard might stop functioning and this can be a big break.

Your motherboard is the most essential aspect of your computer, save for the central processing unit.A good Motherboard will guarantee sublime performance and unique features that you will surely admire, the Asus Maximus Hero VII, is our top pick for this category and the line of features this motherboard offers makes this choice a justified one.

There are more motherboards in the category you can check out for, this you can do on Amazon.

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