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Best 27″ Monitor For Work

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Different activities require different monitor sizes for the best result. Still, you can’t beat the fact that a 27” monitor creates a good balance for resolution, size, and functions,  as well as being an excellent choice for a multi-monitor setup for your workstation. 

A 27-inch computer monitor is well sized to offer ergonomic benefits to users by displaying all the needed information within the eye’s line of vision and thus eliminating frequent head swivel while trying to get a detailed understanding of the picture being displayed on the monitor

It is easy to set up and does not take up a lot of desk space in your workstation. If you’ve got your money set on improving things in your workstation, then a 27” work monitor is a good way to start and to ensure that your workstation is equipped with only the best, you should start by checking our top 3 picks for the best 27” monitor for work.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best 27” Work Monitor

Samsung S27H850QFN

178° Viewing angle Monitor For Work


The Samsung SH850  computer monitor is built to support a dynamic work environment with its high-end features that promote efficiency, productivity, and reliability. 

Its high-end built-in features include a PLS panel ( display technology) that employs WQHD that has a pixel density that is 1.7 times higher than full HD to ensure the production and display of clearer and well-detailed images, sharper texts, and a wide bezel-less workspace with a 178° viewing angle that aids easy viewing and navigation of documents and webpages without emphasis on scrolling and zooming.

Another exceptional work-centered feature of this monitor that promotes efficient handling of a multi-tasking environment includes a Picture-by-Picture display that permits display from two monitors and an  Easy setting box that is functional in placing multiple displays of diverse sizes in different positions. It has an eye saver mode, a flicker-free technology, and displays images with a speed of 60Hz.

The Samsung S27H850QFN functions with a MagicUpscale and AMD FreeSync to ensure excellent picture quality that is rid of tear, lag, and choppy frame rates.

Its sturdy weight is supported by an ergonomic stand that allows for swivel, height adjustment, and pivot functions. This monitor has a 100 X 100mm VESA mount hole outside the ergonomic stand that makes it suitable for wall mounting and a multi-monitor setup. 

Its input ports include USB-C connectivity for display signals, power and sending of data on a single port, DisplayPort, and daisy chain support to reduce cord clutter and allow easy connection with multiple monitors and peripherals an HDMI port. It also has a three-year warranty. 

Pros and Cons


  • It is Freesync enabled.
  • It supports a picture by picture display.
  • It has a fully ergonomic stand.


  • It has only one USB 3.0 port.
  • Its stand supports adjustable features. 

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LG 27UK650-W

FreeSync Technology Supported Monitor For Work


This monitor displays images using an IPS technology with a 4k resolution and 350 nits of brightness that ensure vivid clarity of the monitor’s image or data.

Its display features are aided by two HDMI 2.0 ports and an HDCP 2.2 compatibility that aids in displaying a variety of 4k content sources such as streaming services, game consoles, and ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

 Its display features employ HDR10 technology that supports specific levels of color and brightness that exceed the capabilities of ordinary monitors and an sRGB. 99% color gamut makes it great for works requiring high color accuracies, such as photography and graphic designs. It is further equipped with AMD FreeSync technology that ensures fluidity by eliminating screen-tear and stuttering for a smooth work experience. 

Other work-centered features employed by this monitor include an on-screen control that offers easy access to a host of monitor settings such as volume, brightness, picture mode presets, a screen split 2.0 function. A dual controller that makes it possible to control each screen split individually. 

The LG 27UK650-W monitor is supported by two HDMI ports, a sturdy stand that allows for tilt and pivot functions. It is easy to set up, and its features are easy to use. 

Pros and Cons


  • It uses a 4k resolution.
  • It is equipped with an on-screen control.
  • It has an HDCP 2.2 compatibility 


  • Its stand does not support adjustable features.
  • It is not VESA wall mountable 

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Sceptre (C275W-1920RN)

Multipurpose Monitor For Work


The Sceptre 27” monitor is built with a 1800R curved design that matches the contours of the human eye to maximize visibility and immersion, this monitor is a very suitable choice to undertake diverse kinds of work.

It has an edgeless design and displays visuals with a 1080p resolution, 250 nits of brightness,  blue light shift mode that features a blue light blocker, and a night mode that can be easily alternated to suit the work that is being executed. 

It employs a 75Hz refresh rate that ensures seamless transitioning images and a 1ms ( GtG) response time that prevents lag and motion blur when working on pictures. 

Its sturdy weight is supported by a stand with tilting features to minimize glare and clarify images to suit different preferences. 

The Sceptre 1800R curved monitor is equipped with HDMI and VGA ports for display functions and ease of preference when changing ports, built-in speakers, headphone port snd VESA mountable holes.

Pros and Cons


  • It supports a 1080p resolution.
  • It has a curved design.
  • It is suitable for different types of work


  • It is not fully adjustable.
  • Poor speakers quality.

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A 27” work monitor strikes the perfect balance between value, size, versatility, and functions. It is perfectly sized to cater to different work type that requires efficient productivity. I hope that this article was helpful in your search for a 27” computer monitor for work. If you still want to search for more options, you’ll find them on

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