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Best AM4 Motherboard For Gaming 

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Motherboards are the focal points of every computing device, and for your gaming needs, a great choice of a motherboard will add fun to your gaming needs. The motherboard acts as the primary circuit, connecting all aspects of your computer, from the hard drive to the ram, etc. 

We are particular about the kind of motherboard that your computer should have when gaming is the consideration to take home. While every motherboard can chuck out some fantastic FPS, the right motherboard will double your efforts on your gaming infrastructure. 

So let’s take a look at the best gaming motherboards for your computer, and how they fit actively into the box. 

Our Top Three Picks Of Best AM4 Gaming Motherboards 

Asus ROG Strix B450-F

Supreme FX Audio AM4 Gaming Motherboard


When you see a good gaming motherboard, you can easily detect it and this is known from the list of features the motherboard houses. For this particular reason, it is no surprise that the Asus ROG Strix has a place on this list, the motherboard is uniquely crafted for the gaming audience.

With 4X DIMM and a massive 64GB DDR4, this motherboard will meet your gaming needs without breaking a sweat. It works excellently well on the AM4 processor and the motherboard is powered by the 2nd generation AMD Ryzen, a fine combination to spice things up for you. 

The cooling architecture is another aspect of this motherboard that will blow your mind. It is powered by a self-maintained water cooling system, this way your computer has zero chances of breaking down after heavy usage. It supports overclocking, so you can easily push your computing operations to the brink. 

The 5-way optimization, coupled with the fantastic RGB lighting will surely give you more options than what you would ordinarily want to settle for. The motherboard comes with an integrated NVME M.2, a gigabyte LAN, and the famous USB 3.1, while the 8-channel HD audio will blast some good sounds. 

Pros And Cons 


  • SupremeFX Audio 
  • RGB lightly 
  • Self-maintained water cooling 


  • No WIFI
  • Low-quality BIOS

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6 Fan Header AM4 Gaming Motherboard


Just like Asus above, MSI is an industry giant with a long list of products that makes them fans’ favorite. There is so much engineering and thoughtful programming that goes into their products, this makes MSI stay at the very top of the market when it comes to computing accessories. 

The MSI B450A is our pick for this category, so let’s see why it fits perfectly well on this list of products. The motherboard comes with the famous DDR4 memory, ensuring you enjoy the smartest deployment of speed in computer processing. The DVI, HDMI spots add to the long list of features to desire. 

It has a military build, this means you will have a motherboard that lasts you the years of use without breaking down for any reason whatsoever. The cooling is controlled by the fantastic heat sink design that dissipates every drop of heat on the motherboard. 

The 32GB/s may look quite a little, but where this motherboard lacks, it makes up in many fine ways and one of them is the audio quality. You are in for a good run, as you will enjoy the excellent stereo performance for your gaming needs as the actions are brought to bear. 

They are 6 fan headers to go with, while you enjoy an all-around solid gaming performance on the go. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Price 
  • Perfect VRM for overclocking 
  • 6-fan headers 


  • No independent RGB regulator 
  • Tricky USB ports 

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Asus TUF Gaming X570-plus (Wi-Fi)

Perfect Cooling AM4 Gaming Motherboard


Another motherboard from the leading Asus collections finds its way on this list of unique motherboards, exclusively chosen for gaming. The first point of call here will be the fantastic 4 memory slots that are available on this motherboard, it is just too amazing to be true. 

You get 128GB memory support, making it easy for you to load your AA games with prompt ease and speed. The SATA 6GB/s slots add to the list of unique connectivity offerings you will enjoy on your computer as you game your favorite collections on the go. 

The AURA Sync RGB lighting adds to this fine list, as you will enjoy amazing lighting all along. If RGB is a big kill for you when it comes to gaming, then this motherboard will surely have the greatest impact on you. You are guaranteed 24 hours, non-stop gaming on this motherboard as it serves you without glitches. 

It comes with a PCH and VRM heat sinks, this way you will not have your motherboard breaking down as a result of heat and other concerns. The hybrid fan heads and Fan Xpert will add your cooling operations as you navigate your gaming environment with a smooth sail. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Fantastic HD performance 
  • Perfect cooling 
  • 4400MHz speed 


  • Noisy fans 
  • Absence of macro keys 

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One of the best investments you can make for your computer is the choice of motherboard you choose to house your computing operations. This choice can either make or mar you and when it comes to gaming, this choice ranks top of the list of calls you can make. 

The Asus TUF Gaming X570 is our undisputed pick for this category. This motherboard is all shades of brilliance and computing excellence. It will provide the best support for your gaming needs, just in case you want to explore other options, check it out on Amazon

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