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Best Computer Case For Water Cooling

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Over time, water cooling cases have gained popularity among pro gamers and even ordinary users for their aesthetic beauty and highly efficient cooling performance.

It offers a better thermal transfer of heat between the PC’s components and the cooling system, making it highly reliable as an efficient cooling system even when the computer is on a high overclocking rate. 

To help you get the best amongst the plethora of options available as a water cooling computer case, this article contains the best three water cooling computer cases in different sizes that deliver exceeding cooling performance while you work.

Our top 3 picks for The Best Computer Case For Water Cooling


 Thermaltake 900

Scratch Proof Computer Case For Cooling


The Thermaltake 900 is framed with large tempered glass side panels that are 5mm thick to withstand scratch and break while displaying the PC’s components.

 It has a dismountable modular design that features modular panels, racks, brackets, and pre-built mounting arrays, and modular drive bays that allows for easy installation of drive bays that are up to one 5.25”, six 2.5”/ 3.5” with HDD cage, and two 2.5” with HDD tray storage devices.

The drive bay’s removable design affords the user the flexibility to effectively utilize the case interior space for maximum cooling performance and proper cable management to improve its ventilation.

The Thermaltake 900 supports a standard E-ATX, ATX, Mini ITX, Micro VAX motherboard form, CPU coolers of up 260mm in height, dual 560mm liquid cooling radiators, and 400mm tall multi-GPU configurations that are vertically mounted to eliminate the issue of GPU sag. 

The right and left sides of the case are designed with various mounting points for radiators to provide proper space and placement when building DIY/AIO configurations.

The Thermaltake 900 is further equipped with four USB 3.0 data, and an HD microphone, and a headset jack on its front panel for ease of access when needed. This case is compatible with extreme liquid cooling configurations and a three-year warranty.

Pros and cons


  • It supports a wide variety of motherboard forms.
  • It supports dual radiators.
  • It has a three-year warranty 


  • Its size might be too big for the purpose that you want it to serve.
  • It is heavy. 

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Cooler Master c700m

Aluminum Panel Computer Case For Cooling


This cooler master case is birthed from the cooler master series that is renowned for its flexibility and a highly versatile layout that supports the easy assembling of different components in a way that provides more ventilation to the computer. 

The cooler master c700m is built with aluminum panels, supportive handles, and a dual-curved tempered glass side panel that offers a wide view of the components built into the computer.

It has an extensive cable cover system, a graphic card mounting with riser cable, and a flat radiator bracket design at the front, top, and bottom that supports a 420mm radiator and fans on either side of the bracket to offers more versatility for liquid cooling performance. 

It features two parallel strips of ARGB lighting that are laced on the aluminum bar from the top panel to the front panel that produces beautiful light.

The connection ports built into this case includes a PWM fan speed an ARGB control button, a four-pole headset jack, USB 3.1 ( gen 2), a type-c port, and four USB 3.0 ports.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a bracket design that can support a 420mm radiator.
  • It has two strips of ARGB and a control button.
  • It has dual-curved tempered glass on three sides


  •  Few ARGB strips.
  • Few I/O ports.

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Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601

Reservoir Mounting Bracket Computer Case For Cooling


The Asus rog style mid-tower supports a custom water cooling feature that supports either a water pump or a reservoir mounting bracket for up to 420mm radiators and 90mm thick fans. It also features a pre-installed fan hub that supports up to four 140mm fans, seven fan mounting points for optimum cooling performance, and three easy-to-clean dust filters.

It features integrated RGB LEDs in the front panel that can be customized either through a dedicated control button or through the Asus software to produce ambient lighting with solid colors and other effects to beautify the appearance of this case. 

It is built with a 4mm thick smoked tempered glass full view side panels that can be installed that give it a modern appearance. It has an intelligent cable management design and translucent reader cover that conceals unsightly wiring and allowed illumination. 

Its cable management structure features a translucent rear panel, an adjustable multi-function cover that has GPU support brackets shd pre-rum chassis cables.

It supports an ATX, E-ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX motherboard form factor and three graphics cards when placed in a horizontal layout and two graphics cards when placed in a vertical layout via its built-in seven expansion slots. 

The structure of the Asus rog Strix helios provides easy access to all areas with several easy installation mechanisms that provide a smooth building experience even for first-time builders. Its input/output panel features a reversible USB 3.1 type c” port, a dedicated fan speed button, and an RGB control button.

Pros and Cons


  • It is built with 4mm thick smoked tempered glass side panels.
  • It has a fan speed and an RGB control button.
  • It features a mounting bracket for up to 420mm radiators.


  • Fewer I/O ports.
  • No portable feature.

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Water cooling computer cases employ fewer fans which makes it very quiet than a computer case that employs an air cooling feature. Its ability to extract heat from the computer case also makes it an ideal choice for working in environments with warmer climates. 

If you’re still sitting on the fence with regards to investing in a water cooling computer case because of the process of installation, it will please you to know that water cooling computer cases are easy to install and highly efficient in their cooling capacity. 

Easy to install and a beauty to behold, water cooling computer cases are highly efficient in their cooling capacity and an ideal choice for a low-noise computer case. I hope that this article helped you in your search for a water cooling computer case, but if you still want to search for more, you can find it on

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