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There is no doubt that HTML, PYTHON, and JAVASCRIPT will run perfectly on a simple computer and afford you much time, and effort as your code your way through, the case is not the same for android development.

For Android development, you will need an android studio to enjoy maximum benefits and best options when building your preferred android games and android enabled programs.

Much of your work will depend on the storage, ram, and processor of the computer you intend to use, and this is where it becomes prudent to make the right choice, with precision and foresight in mind.

Our top, three picks of the best computer for android development have all of these indexes in place and gives you a comprehensive expert opinion on the right computer for the job.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Computers For Android Development

Lenovo Thinkpad E590

Intel i5 Computer For Android Development


While the 15.6-inch wide display of this system fits properly the description of what a computer for android development, should have and be like, it is the 8th generation Intel i5 processor that rather caught the eyes. This processor’s clock speed at 3.9GHz is a beauty for any developer, and this is just it.

The integrated graphics card may not be so much a thing to write about, but the 1089p resolution is, of course, a gift, and this comes with the 8GB of ram, and a fantastic 256GB of storage capacity, offering you just much more than you have ever asked for.

The 12 hours of battery backup will ensure you stay up working for long hours, even when you are not connected to a power source. The beautiful keypad, as well as 180-degree rotation, will allow you to enjoy your work and create at your leisure.

Pros And Cons


  • 1080p wide display
  • Superb battery
  • Durable


  • No backlight keypad
  • Ram could be better

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Apple MacBook Pro 16

Intel i7 Computer For Android Development


When it comes to accurate colour output, this computer tops the list for many awesome reasons. The higher pixel density per unit and trademark retina display will guarantee you have the best visuals when working on this computer.

The 9th generation Intel core i7 processor is a rare configuration you will cherish. You will cherish it with a 4.5GHz of processor speed; you are ready to launch your android studio with ease and other essential android development programs.

The AMD RADEON PRO, the dedicated graphics card will keep your visuals in a top-notch state, while offering you a massive 2400MHz frequency, for all your prompt loads and computer’s needs.

There is a 16GB of ram for your multitasking operations and a powerful 512GB of storage space for your documents and apps, as you can easily import and export them. The 16-inch wide display, backed with a (3072×1920) resolution and the battery that lasts over 11hours, are gold mines in this chest.

Pros And Cons


  • Retina 16inch display
  • Fantastic GPU
  • Quality CPU


  • Cost
  • Lack of touchscreen display

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Dell G5-15

FHD IPS display Computer For Android Development


The metallic palm rest is always an inviting feature of this computer that makes it one of the best computers for android development, you require a level of comfort to work, and a good system must guarantee this.

The core i7 processor does great on this computer. It offers you a fabulous 4.5GHz clock speed of processing power, enough to build the biggest applications and software progress on the android studio. There is a 16GB of ram and powerful dual storage with 256GB and 1TB.

The 15.6-inch FHD IPS display, backed by a 1089p resolution, is an amazing screen real estate for every android developer, while the NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX graphics card adds more to this.

The battery averages 4 hours, and the dual fan module makes it easy to dissipate heat, while the 5.95 pounds of weight may seem heavy, but this is typical of high-end devices.

Pros And Cons


  • Great processor
  • Dual storage
  • 16GB of Ram


  • Poor battery
  • Heavy

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Combining your emulator and the android studio will require a good processor and RAM to function effectively, and so you cannot take away the place of your ram and storage.

Here is more reason why; the ram will keep your computer in check and ensure registered information are passed just on time, and that the computer stays in a balanced shape.

 On the other hand, the processor is the heart and mind of the computer and if it is pumping just enough blood, like the human body, or thinking right, then your system will run efficiently at all times.

Android development is taking the air, as millions of people worldwide continue to use android, which makes it very popular. Android development can be fun and at the same time, a demanding task if you do not have the right computer for the job.

The Apple MacBook Pro 16, tops this list with the array of amazing configurations and specifications inherent in this device. The 16-inch screen and 16GB of ram and the 512GB of storage make it a perfect computer for android development. While, the Dell G5-15, is a great alternative for desiring developers.

If you are still on the lookout for a computer with a more sophisticated configuration and specifications, you can easily check for one on Amazon.

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