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The laptop or PC’s choice has to be precise after analyzing your requirements, such as the amount of data and the type of analysis. Finding the right type of computer for data science can be difficult, so it is important to look into multiple aspects and understand which the ideal choice is for you.

For data science, RAM is considered the finest choice because it has large datasets with larger bottlenecks. Other aspects, including SSD, CPU, GPU, keyboard, display, OSX, ports, etc., need to be considered to make the right choice and pick the best computer for data science.

We have included computers that are good for students and can come in handy for extensive data science work. To learn better, consider going through the listing mentioned below and find the right choice for yourself

Our Top 3 Picks for Best Computer For Data Science

MacBook Air For Data Science

One-Stop Destination


To find the right computer, you need to check for adequate data space and a user-friendly option. In MacBook air, you can store data from libraries and even more with a simple command only. It is important to be careful when you are installing python.

With MacBook Air, you will get 13+ hours of battery life. So data scientists can stay assured for the practice of heavy lifting on cloud services.

The great display and viewing features make MacBook air a great deal to grab. However, air does not offer higher RAM options, which can be seen as a downside of the laptop

The laptop is limited to 16GB, but for data scientists, it would be more than enough certainly. The laptop’s Great processor doesn’t hinder your daily productivity required to perform data science tasks.

Hence the issue of lagging of the computer is minimized.The Mac Air book’s magic keyword assists in collecting and organizing data in less time than usual.

Pros and Cons


  • 13 1440*900 TN 
  • 13 hours of battery life
  • 256GB SSD


  • Small display
  • Less shortage space

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Popular Dell XPS 13 9630 For Data Science

A Smooth Running Machine


To have the best computer, you need to choose the installation of Linux Distro on the computer. With a UNIX environment, you will attain maximum benefits at an affordable price on this device certainly. One needs to look into the decent choices and compare dell XPS and pick which one is better among them.

For people wishing to attain great compatibility, Dell XPS 13 will perfectly fit into their requirements. Combining all with Linux flavors but keeping the design similar to the air with the lightest weight and battery life is what Dell XPS 13 offers.

Why consider Dell XPS 13 over others? The full-blown core i5 CPU along with extensive battery life makes it a reliable choice over others. Dell XPS 13 is NVIDIA GPU rather than choosing for AMD GPU.

This is a highly suitable device for the students pursuing a career as a data scientist as connecting computing infrastructure becomes much easier with it. It will not download heavy data from the big infrastructures; instead, test your code and understand what data can be handled.

To better handle SSH into the computer, processing has a vital role to play certainly, so you need to keep a check on it accordingly.  It is great in collecting huge data without lagging due to new changes and offers better management of the data certainly.

Pros and Cons


  • Updated processors with Core i5-8265U 
  • 256GB DDR3 for better storage
  • Sustainable option


  • Tiny updates
  • Average viewing area

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Stunning Acer Nitro 5 For Data Science

Simple and Budget Friendly


It is better to get your hands on the basic option if you are considering pursuing your career in data science. From the job of data analysis to the collection of data, this computer can do a pretty good job in each criterion surely.

Thanks to its 8GB RAM, there is enough space and GPU that makes it an extraordinary choice.  With 5.07lb and 5 hours of battery life, it becomes perfect for the novice.

Whether professionals or novices, everyone would be able to run data analysis package software in it; however, the size may vary. In Windows, 2GB is eaten up by the system itself, programs can take up to 1 GB, and users are left with 4.7 GB of RAM only, which is way too little.

People who are studying data science have lesser chances of storing higher amounts of data. It is good, to begin with, as this computer serves as the entry-level computer for data analysis.

So, if you are someone that is pursuing data science as a career and looking for a basic computer, then this computer will suit your need perfectly. This computer runs all basic programs required for data science seamlessly, so your productivity will not be minimised at any cost.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to access laptop 
  • Heavy storage
  • Incredible viewing experience 


  • Ordinary option for experts
  • Less battery life 

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Our digital piece has mentioned the top three computers that are best for data science. We have taken the time to mention every detail of these products so that you choose your best pick.

These computers are great for data science tasks such as collecting, storing, managing, and analyzing data for different companies or making a career in data science.

By choosing the right computer, data science tasks can be simplified and will benefit both companies and consumers. In case, you want to check other phenomenal products on Amazon, please feel free to do so.

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