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Best Computer For Dragon Naturally Speaking

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Dragon Naturally Speaking is a fantastic tool for transmitting voice to text, and it offers a variety of different usage options. Therefore, if you are a transcriber or one who writes, this tool and program is a beautiful addition to your list of arsenals as you get your voice recordings translated to documents.

How we work and the refinement of this process is always the goal of modern technology. This is just what you get when you use Dragon naturally speaking: ease of doing your job and this with an accelerated accuracy.

While much is not expected of the computer that can run this program, preference should be placed on the line of productivity; a good computer should be able to do the job it is called for and with smooth accuracy and speed.

Our list of best computers for Dragon naturally speaking, takes into account all of these factors and offers top-notch computers with unique configurations just perfect for the job. So let us dive in

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Computers For Dragon Naturally Speaking

Razor Blade 15

16GB For Dragon Naturally Speaking


The Razor Blade 15 offers just enough to get the top spot and begin our review of the best computers for Dragon. Naturally speaking, the processor’s 5GHz speed makes it one of the fastest computers in this category.

Perfect for running Dragon naturally speaking without glitches. In addition to running Dragon seamlessly, this computer will take care of your other high-end computer operations like video editing and playing games.

The 16GB of ram, provides an amazing loading process for your files and helps you multitask effortlessly while you work on your dragon surface.

There is just more with this computer, you get 512GB SSD storage for your jobs and just anything, you will want to save for the future. The SSD storage also makes retrieval of saved files quite easy, the display is powered by a 15.6-inch wide display and a giant 144Hz refresh rate.

The processor is the latest 10th generation chipset, while the battery can provide a backup of up to 6 hours. You get a dedicated NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphics card, for your well-streamlined views and graphics-intensive processes like modeling and heavy gaming.

Pros And Cons


  • 5GHz processor speed
  • Fabulous display
  • SSD storage


  • Heavy
  • Cost

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Dell Inspiron 14

1089P For Dragon Naturally Speaking


Convertible laptops offering more than one option are taking over the world as more people agree with this preference. The Dell Inspiron 14 is one of such convertible computers of choice.

This computer’s 14inch wide display makes it perfect for your computer needs and everything you will need to get done on the planet, including running your dragon naturally speaking.

You get 8GB of RAM, perfect for your smooth operations of Dragon naturally speaking, while the 256GB of storage will be enough to save up just anything you want to keep for later view and your jobs you have worked on.

This computer is equipped with the latest 11th generation core i7 processor, offering amazing speed at 4.5GHz and other unique features embedded in this latest processor from Intel.

A backlight keypad and a variety of ports are part of the additional features the Dell Inspiron 14 offers.

Pros And Cons


  • 11th Generation Chipset
  • 4.5GHZ of speed
  • 2-in-1 convertible laptop


  • Limited connection options
  • Small screen

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Acer Aspire 5

3.5GHz For Dragon Naturally Speaking


The 10th generation Intel core i5 processor of the Aspire 5, opens the doors for us on what this amazing computer has in stock for you and your need for a perfect computer to run Dragon Naturally speaking.

You will have no reason to fret about how long battery life you can get if you are working away from the house or not close to a power source. This computer offers more than 8 hours of battery backup, you will not need your charger just everywhere.

The 8GB of RAM, is sufficient for your multitasking needs and all other operations you will carry out on your computer.

The 256GB of storage adds another beauty to this list, as you get a fabulous storage space for your files and computer programs.

The 1089p resolution works just fine, for clear-cut displays and smooth response time. The 3.5GHz speed of the computer may not look so great from afar, it is however perfect for what it does and you will never encounter lags at any time.

Pros And Cons


  • 10th Generation processor
  • Great battery
  • Fingerprint scanner


  • Ram could be better
  • No thunderbolt 3

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Choosing the right computer for your Dragon can be challenging. This can’t be the case again if you read our top three picks. Just maybe your mind is not made up yet; the Razor Blade 15 stands tall on this list as the best computer for Dragon Naturally offering.

You would not want to encounter boot issues or occasional lags. The bulk of the job done by a computer is regulated by the CPU, which serves as the computer’s brain, while the Ram assists greatly. Having the right storage options is equally important. The average time it takes an SSD drive to load files is much faster than the HDD.

Finally, you will require a good battery to work on the go and just anywhere you find yourself. While a system with a fantastic display will give you a lasting impression and allow you to work free of hitches and concern for your eyes

The Razor Blade 15, offers enough options, from the 5GHz speed of the computer to the large storage space of the computer, if you are a fan of convertible computers, Dell Inspiron offers just enough options for you.

If you will want to look further, you can check for other amazing computers on Amazon.

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