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Desktop computers have topped the charts for years, as the best choice for game development. The rule of the thumb has been that “the only desktop can do it best”, this rule has seen a significant challenge from laptops as they strive to change the narrative.

The interesting thing is that “desktop computers don’t cut it sometimes with game development” laptops are offering more speed, processor power, and the graphical strength needed to outmatch the long-standing competition.

While this article is not about Desktop and Laptops, which does it best, for game development? A premise needs to be stated before we dive into the gist of what we have on the table.

You will need graphical power, a top-notch processor that is compatible with numerous game development engines, and then a fabulous storage and ram space for your gaming development option. So how do you go about this, with your selections?

Our top three picks of the best computer for game development answer all of your pressing questions and tick off the box for all the essentials you will need in a computer that can work amazing genius with your game development.

You will not need to browse again for this if you carefully peruse the offering on your list.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Computer For Game Development

Lenovo Legion Y545

Intel core i7 Laptop For Game Development


You want to see everything from a clear and elegant visual display, as you tear your heart in your work. The Legion Y545 with its impressive 15.6-inch, 1080p resolution, and a full high definition will answer your prayers for a wide, clear-cut display.

The 9th generation Intel core i7 processor does great, with its great processor speed, which is important for your game development needs and is compatible with all known gaming engines.

The dedicated NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card will take care of your graphics needs, as it offers you outstanding graphical power. There is Visual reality support on this computer, and this adds a plus to the list of items ticked off, for your game development computer.

The 16GB of ram does a fabulous job of keeping your tabs running as well as, allowing your apps and software’s, load with seamless speed.

The 1TB storage, make better by the 128GB SSD additional storage, makes it easy to load and save your games, and other resources you will need in the future.

The 4 hours the battery averages may be a no for many. However, you do not expect a decent battery from a computer, heavily built for gaming and game development. This computer’s weight is not much above what is expected of a sophisticated computer, at 6 lbs.

Pros And Cons


  • Gaming laptop
  • Large storage
  • Intel 9th generation chipset


  • Battery life
  • Heavy

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Apple 16 MacBook Pro

Intel core i9 Laptop For Game Development


It may be argued that a MacBook cannot handle the heavy rigours of game development, for many reasons. For some the Apple gadgets are not for heavy jobs like this, surprisingly it is on our top three picks. The reasons for this will surely awe your imagination!

The Apple 16 MacBook Pro is powered by a 9th generation Intel Core i9 processor with such beautiful processor speed and refreshes rate for the best display.

The 16-inch screen is also another incredible addition to the list of sophisticated components of this computer. You will be amazed at. This comes with the trademark retina display and a powerful 2880×1800 resolution for a great game development computer.

The storage is backed with a 1TB SSD for your important files and game development resources and offering you just enough space to save anything of importance for future reference.

There is a dedicated AMD Radeon Pro graphics card that meets the graphical needs of game development. The 32GB of ram is the final icing on this cake. The Apple 16 MacBook is offering. At a weight of 7.9 pounds, you may have trouble moving this computer everywhere.

Pros And Cons


  • Magic keypad
  • 1TB storage
  • 32GB Ram


  • 7.9 pounds  of weight
  • Absence of connection options

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Dell G3 Gaming Laptop

Intel core i5 Laptop For Game Development

The Dell G3 Gaming Laptop is powered by a 10th generation Intel core i5 processor with a clock speed of 3.9GHz. This is an amazing offering for your game development needs with a CPU speed that matches all game development engines’ requirement, like unreal and unity.

The 8GB of RAM on this processor can be upgraded to 32GB just in case; you are in for a bigger space and more efficient load speed. A 256GB SSD memory backs the storage for your fast storage needs.

There is an amazing 15.6 wide-angle display offering a 1920×1080p resolution, with top clarity and visuals. The backlight keypad offers additional beauty and class to this already impressive computer.

Pros And Cons


  • Great battery
  • Top overall performance
  • Less expensive


  • Low quality of hardware
  • Low storage

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The Apple 16 MacBook Pro, is a perfect all-in-one computer with an amazing offering that gives it the top spot as the best computer for game development and the computer to beat for optimal best performance.

While the cost of Apple gadgets can be off the moon most times, settling for the Lenovo Legion will be a great alternative, as it offers similar unique features as the Apple 16 MacBook Pro, howbeit at a cheaper price than the Apple.

If you will love to review more computers with the capacity of handling game development, at a fast speed as listed here. You can easily check them on Amazon.

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