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Cybersecurity is a major challenge encountered by several organizations that have their database online and despite the strict measures taken to ensure strict security on their data and other important information, some things escape their watchful eyes. 

Employing the best ethical hacker to improve and upgrade your level of security online might not be enough if he doesn’t have the best gadget that can get the job done accurately.

A successful hacking for ethical purposes requires the best computer that allows easy access to several cybersecurity software that allows the hacker to install preventive measures in cases of an attempted breach, restore lost data, and to perform certain operations that will strengthen the security network of the organization.

So, if you’re in the market for a computer that you can use to effectively and accurately upgrade an organization’s cybersecurity network and defend it from cyber threats, you should invest in a portable computer with good specs to ensure that there’s adequate space to store and easily access data without instances of hanging. You probably don’t want to be dragging around the best computer monitor for gaming on the job.

Irrespective of whether you’re trying to gain or maintain access to a network, scan, or clear tracks that could lead to a security breach, invest in the best computer designed for such tasks by checking out our top 3 picks for the best computer for hacking. The selected computers are different in size and storage capacity to help you store enough data to aid you while you work.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Computer For Hacking

MSI GS65 Stealth

15.6″ MSI Laptop for Hacking


This compact-sized computer is designed with features that can effectively cater to a smooth and lag-free session while hacking. Its visuals are clear and well detailed, thanks to its anti-glare screen that produces high-quality pictures to facilitate hacking. It also has Nvidia GeForce that automatically updates the drivers to help your device function properly on any kind of hacking and computer upgrading software. 

The MSI GS65 Stealth employs an amazing storage capacity of 32Gb and secondary storage of 512 Gb NVMe SSD. It also employs an intelligent cooling technology with three fans and six copper wires that improves the performance and a well-ventilated exterior that keeps the noise levels lower to help you concentrate better while you work.  

This 15.6 inches compact-sized computer functions on a Windows 10 operating system and an 8th generation intel core (intel i7) with six processors that enables the computer to have easy access to data, decode and execute commands with speed and accuracy even under extreme loads of activated software. 

The MSI GS15 Stealth compact-sized computer has a thunderbolt 3 port, a battery that lasts for eight hours, an active cooling system, and responsive RGB backlit keys.

Although designed as a gaming laptop, its features make it an ideal choice for a computer that can be used for hacking and handling other high-end software with ease. 

Pros and Cons


  • It has a storage capacity of 32 Gb.
  • It has six processors.
  • It has RGB backlit keys.


  • It has only one input port.
  • It is pricey.

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Hp Touchscreen Premium Laptop

15.6″ HP Laptop for Hacking


Employing a storage capacity of 16Gb and a tenth generation intel core with six processors that are designed to decode and execute commands with speed, the  Hp touchscreen laptop is designed to effectively handle high-end software with ease and professionalism. 

It uses a WLED touchscreen display processor with a tenth generation intel core i5-1025G1, with a frequency of up to 3.6 GHz, a DDR4, and a 2666MHz hard drive as well as a 512Gb SSD for maximum storage, durability, and productivity.  This 15.6-inch computer uses a Windows 10 operating system with a default 64-bit operating system that helps new and already existing applications to run fast and smooth for improved performance when working. 

This HP 15.6  inch compact-sized computer is designed to boot up in seconds and transfer files speedily. It features three USB ports, an HDMI port, and a webcam with a privacy shutter. It also features Bluetooth 4.1 technology and very responsive and well-lighted keys.  

Pros and Cons


  • It has a 16Gb storage capacity.
  • It has three USB ports.
  • It uses a Windows 10 operating system.


  • It requires a backup battery.
  • Some keys are not available on the touchscreen.

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17.3″ Asus Laptop for Hacking


This 17.3 inches compact-sized computer was originally designed as a gaming computer but its outstanding features make it a suitable choice for a computer that can effectively cater to software that can be used for hacking.

The Asus Cok Rok gaming computer is equipped with Nvidia’s G-sync and Nvidia Geforce GTX that operates on an 8Gb graphics card to ensure that the visuals that are produced on its 1080P screen are lag-free and tear-free. It functions with an Intel Core i-7-7700HQ on a 6M cache and a 12Gb storage capacity that allows for fast and easy decoding of data to facilitate a smooth hacking and swift computer upgrade. 

Another storage feature employed by this compact-sized computer is its 128b SSD and 1TN HDD that is integrated into the computer to complement its storage and functionality for easy multitasking, and fast performance by the operating system. 

This computer also features a duo-cooper thermal module and dual cooling fans for increased CPU and GPU performance. Its keyboard features red back-lit scissor-switch keys that have a travel distance of 1.6mm that provides ease and accuracy even on a fast typing speed. 

The Asus Cok Rok gaming computer features an HDMI port, a mini display port, a USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen. 1) port,  a LAN jack, and a headphone-out and audio-in combo jack.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a storage capacity of 12Gb.
  • Its hard drive can be upgraded.
  • It has multiple input ports.


  • It doesn’t have a good battery backup system.
  • It is pricey.

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Businesses, profit organizations, and even non-governmental organizations are in constant need of an effective scheme for cybersecurity that can be adequately handled by professional ethical hackers and one of the best ways to get the job done is by using a computer that is designed with features that facilitates hacking.

I hope that this article proved to be very useful in helping you find a computer monitor for hacking purposes. If you still want to search for more options, you can find them on

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