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Best Computer For Medical Students

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We are much aware of the complex nature of the medical school. A phenomenal computer will help you to navigate this otherwise tough terrain easily and set your stay in medical school on the right foundations.

Also, the long hours required to read medical journals and memorizing each concept, including the need to take notes in classes, can all be made easy when you pick a fabulous computer as your own. Pro Tip: a laptop stand can make some of that studying easier on your neck.

Furthermore, with technology rebranding how we study and learn and the move by some medical schools, to adopt virtual reality as one of the best ways to teach medicine today. A good computer will keep you in tune with this reality while staying abreast with the latest innovation in the medical field.

As a medical student, your computer must be ready for action, and this list includes; getting a system with the right storage, ram, display, weight, and a system that can support virtual reality and other programs.

Our Top three picks of the best computer for medical school covers all of these essential elements and more. We understand that every hour spent not working in medical school can be a disaster. Therefore this list is picked with you in mind and to afford you the best time in medical school.

So let us get started!

Our Top Three Picks of Best Computer for Medical School

Lenovo Yoga C940

Multitasking Computer For Medical Students


The Lenovo Yoga C940 is one of the best computers for medical school; this fact is made better by the unique assembling of seasoned features this device is made of, which makes it an easy pick for this list.

The 10th Generation Intel i7 processor on this computer is certain to give you a seamless multitasking operation, as well as loading your pages and programs within the slightest possible speed. Furthermore, the device is backed by 12 GB RAM and a massive 512 GB SSD storage.

The Ram and storage will guarantee you have your best medical journals saved for the moment you will need them and the all-important function of working on the go.

On display, the unique Lenovo Yoga has a 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution and a 14-inch display, making it easy for you to read on the system and interpret images without needing to strain your eyes.

A backlight keypad, fingerprint scanner, and a well-placed HD scanner are part of the long list of amazing features on this computer. A 360-degree rotation is an addition to this convertible laptop as well as its touch screen, which adds much to this device and makes it handy for medical school.

The battery performs just above 12 hours, leaving you with no room to worry about shutting down when you are out without your charger.

Pros and Cons


  • 10th generation intel processor
  • Fast Ram
  • Convertible 360-degree rotation


  • Storage could have been better
  • Small screen

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LG Gram

Backlit Keyboard Computer For Medical Students


The 17-inch LG gram laptop is a fantastic addition to the LG family and comes equipped with breathtaking features that make it a perfect fit for medical school, let us look first at the storage and ram.

The LG Gram laptop is backed with a one TB storage space and a 16 GB room, affording you just enough space to store your journals, notes, and videos. The Ram is posed to ensure your web pages and apps load just when you need them, and the 10th generation Intel core i7 processor follows this.

The list keeps getting better, with a backlight for the keypad and fingerprint scanner for your stress-free logins and a variety of ports to keep you connected with your favorite device.

The battery lasts up to 17 hours and the Nanocarbon magnesium body of this computer will always leave your hands with a great feel, after every use.

Pros and Cons


  • Amazing battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Large Ram


  • A bit slow at times
  • No touch screen

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Dell Inspiron 13

1080P Computer For Medical Students


The Dell Inspiron 13 is another exciting computer for medical school on our list of top three picks. The 360-degree rotation the Dell Inspiron offers makes it ideal for reading and a perfect choice for surfing the internet for your journals and recent breakthroughs in medicine.

The 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD are two nice additions to this ultra-slim and uniquely designed computer. The memory is powered by the 8th generation Intel core i5 processor. Ensuring you do not encounter hitches while you study and take notes in class, as well as browse through your numerous web pages.

The 13.3 inches 1920×1080 pixel resolution of the Dell Inspiron affords you such a beautiful view when working on your computer. Also, is the backlight keypad for easy night readings, while the system is backed with a battery that performs above 8 hours.

Pros and Cons


  • SSD storage
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Backlight keypad and convertible


  • Battery life
  • Dim screen

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The LG Gram stands out on this list as an undisputed winner of this category, the amazing storage space and the ram of the LG Gram makes it suitable not just for medical school but also for practice as a Doctor. This is made better by the battery life, lasting over 17 hours.

The convertible nature of the Lenovo Yoga and the touchscreen presents a strong challenge to the LG Gram. When storage and speed is the deal, the LG Gram will always have the day.

You can check out other amazing computers for medical school, in addition to the ones listed in this article on Amazon.

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