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Best Computer For Podcasting

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For someone involved in podcasting and music, the most crucial piece of equipment is his computer with good audio production. If you are someone who is launching his journey in podcasting, go through this blog before you buy your vital tool!

The DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is one huge component that affects your podcast the most. The Adobe Audition is flexible and will run on a minimum of 4GB RAM. As for the processor, try to go for at least the 7th gen i7 processor.

Check for the latency (time lag between input-output of audio) of the PC and stick to nothing below 20 ms. Another factor to look for is the RAM, and it would be best if you go for 16 GB (8 GB works fine for an average user). 

Once you have examined these factors, it’s time to look up the three best computers for your podcasting journey. Here is what we found:

Our Top 3 picks For The Best Computer For Podcasting


All In One Podcasting Computer


This is the computer for you if all you want is to be around some superb sound and a big, majestic screen. The display is the best of the lot and can compete with the best products available in the market. 

This 32 inches all-in one computer is one of a kind, with 9th gen intel i7 core processor! Your ideas will come to life with this magnificent screen of 31.5″. With easy editing and viewing options, your creative projects will find a new way. 

The color accuracy is at its maximum, while the glare is minimum. While you edit your podcasting content with this computer, you will not need an extra set of external speakers. Keep your podcast private until the exhilarating moment!

You will be getting two types of configurations with the 1 TB SSD. One is the 16 GB RAM, while the other will be 32 GB RAM. This computer comes with Ethernet, Thunderbolt™ 3, and two USB ports. 

Along with the two USB ports, this computer also comes with two HDMI ports. You will get some out-of-the-box experience with reputable Bang and Olufsen speakers. 

Pros and Cons


  • The design is luxurious and elegant with a gigantic screen.
  • Bang &Olufsen speakers with excellent sound quality, which you will also be able to use as a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Wireless charging facility.


  • No provision for adjusting the video display height
  • Unlike the Surface Studio, this computer does not come with touchscreen support.

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Apple iMac

Retina 5k Display Podcasting Computer


The latest product that Apple has brought to us (apart from the MacBook Air or Pro) is the Apple iMac. This 27-inch iMac has brought some much-awaited boost to the processor and some updated graphics.

Yes, we agree that Apple might come a bit costly, but we can guarantee you it is worth the price! For its looks, it is much similar to its predecessors, but its elegance and strong built hasn’t come down even by a notch. 

The 5K retina display is the main focus with super sharp brightness. The color accuracy is at its highest. The main attractive feature is its ‘True Tone’ technology that is built to make sure you can see accurate colors at all times.

The audio-visual performance of this iMac is exceptional. It comes with studio standard microphones, 8 GB RAM, and a Core i5 processor. You can also update it to the 16 GB RAM specification as per your needs. 

Its powerful speakers are stereo level and promise to give you the best quality sound. All these features make it perfect for your podcasting needs and makes it’s an ideal buy!

Pros and Cons


  • The design is a gold standard with extreme levels of precision and innovation.
  • The speakers are excellent and promise astounding performance.
  • It boasts of some super strong specs, including a 3.5 GHz Intel i5 core processor.


  • The price. Even if you are willing to push your budget a bit, you will also be able to take home only the mid-level i5 processor and not the updated version.
  • It gives only a few minor updates than its predecessors.

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Dell XPS 27-7760

All In One Desktop Podcasting Computer


This desktop is your ultimate tool if you’re looking towards reliving your clubbing days or if you want to appeal to the audiophiles. You ask why? Well, this is because this desktop comes with ten speakers jammed into one!

These speakers can handle just any sound effects, and you will probably hear every pin dropping to the floor. Dell claims it to be the first-ever desktop, which has two full-range speakers that are independent.

It comes with a full 27 inches’ touch screen monitor with a 4K ultra HD display. You will not drop out on even a single tiny detail. The clarity is promised to be remarkable. This desktop also comes with 7th gen i5 and i7 core processors from Intel.

Multi-tasking has never been made easier before with its 32 GB memory slot. There are provisions of facial recognition. This desktop also includes four USB ports, two Thunderbolt 3, and a port for Ethernet.

Alll these features makes it worth spending your money on this device. Its music, its multimedia is perfect for recording your podcasts, and among the all-in-ones, this is the best of the lot!

Pros and Cons


  • The four excellent speakers with pumped sound quality that it comes with are its primary attraction. 
  • The display of 4K ultra HD is a full touch screen.
  • The rubber bottom comes with a convenient adjustable stand.


  • The main drawback of this desktop is its weight and the price.
  • Although it comes with numerous ports, the rear ports are extremely difficult to reach.

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If you are not prepared to spend such a lot of money on these readymade computers, what you can do is assemble the parts yourself and build a computer of your own. Not only is it entertaining, but you can also adjust the price for yourself.

There are other unique products available in the market, but these products were our top choices. We hope that our information was useful for you and you can now make a well-informed decision about your buy.

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