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The internet has redefined a host of things and how we do video and conferences, is one area that has been rapidly redefined, with Skype leading this innovation. Skype is the most used telecommunications software, with over 19 billion calls made in a year and more.

The supreme video and call quality of this software has endeared it to many as the software of choice for telecommunications, both professional and personal transactions are conducted on this software over Video calls and chat messages, using the webcam and the microphone.

Enjoying the long list of features on this site will require you to connect with a computer that is built to give optimal service, while you connect and do business on the go.

A big enough screen will ensure bigger backgrounds and more individuals fit just perfectly well if you will be doing conference meetings with your staff, or connect with members in the office. Also, a good resolution system will aid your view, while a perfect battery and HD webcam will give you a seamless session.

We understand this need, and this is why our top 3 picks of best computers for Skype video conferencing is carefully selected, to cover the specifications mentioned above and give you a beautiful experience on skype.

Our Top Three Picks For Best Computers For Skype

Microsoft Laptop Surface Go

Long Battery Life For Skype


Microsoft is upping their game in recent years and building computers that house the latest technology, as well as meet the user preference for what a good computer should do. Also, the Microsoft Laptop Surface Go is one of such improvements from the Microsoft family.

The 10th generation Intel core i5 processor shows largely the commitment of the manufacturers to meet your need and doing it just well. This processor adds needed ease of access, loading your pages at such a beautiful pace and then keeping you connected on Skype without a hitch.

The battery lasts for 13 hours, a good enough range for conferencing on Skype and staying connected with your team and loved ones. The built-in High Definition Webcam is packed at 720p and offers such clarity and a view that is unique and worth it.

On top of it, is the 12.5-inch touch screen display, which adds so much flexibility to your use of the computer as well as makes it easy to type and multitask. The smart, Aluminum design makes this computer so compact and easy to carry around.

The computer weighs just 1.1kg and this adds to the reason it cannot be forgotten at home. Furthermore, the computer runs on 256 GB storage and houses 8 GB of RAM, to keep your flies and connections secured and easy to load.

Another innovation with the surface go laptop is the sound, the speakers are placed just under the keys and sound comes directly from the keypad, this is a move away from what is obtainable.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent build
  • Nice keypad layout
  • 10th generation processor


  • Small screen
  • Some lag issues

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Asus Zenbook UX43IFL-SB77

1 TB SSD For Skype


Screen resolution is one of the beautiful packages; the Asus Zenbook brings to the table, in addition to other benefits and uniquely packed features. The 14 inches, 1080 pixel full HD resolution is an amazing beauty for your Skype conferencing needs as this provides a perfect view for your live videos.

The 10th generation Intel core i7 processor is also, an impressive addition to the credentials of this computer. Weighing just 1.17kg the Asus Zenbook poses no challenge and makes it easy to be carried around.

All aluminum and elegant chassis design of the Asus Zenbook is yet another beautiful feature that caught the eye. This computer comes with a touchpad and keypad backlights allowing you the ease of access to work at night.

The storage is what is set on the moon, with 1TB SSD and a 16 GB RAM, affording you space for your documents and a wonderful and easy time, with loading Skype and your favorite software’s

There is a dedicated 720p webcam, for Skype and video conferencing, as well as a great audio output, which combines to give you a wow, Skype experience on this computer. The battery lasts just above 8 hours.

Pros and Cons


  • All aluminum Chassis design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Touchpad


  • Poor speakers
  • Dim display

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Apple MacBook Air

Backlit Keypad For Skype


The retina display of the Apple MacBook series is a thing that stands for this product from the silicon Villa, however, there’s more to the MacBook Air and this is why it has found a space on our list of best computers for skype.

There is a 10th generation Intel core i3 processor attached to the Mac operating system and this makes the device fast enough, for multiple operations and smooth connections across the board.

The amazing keypad associated with the apple brands is also handy on the MacBook and this is just perfect, there is a touch ID and backlight keypad just so you can do your video conferencing at night and gain fast access to your device.

There is a dedicated face time HD camera for your Skype sessions, and a beautiful 13.3 inches display, this backed with an 8GB Ram and 256 GB storage, weighing just 1.29kg.

The battery lasts over 12 hours on heavy usage, which is perfect.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast processor
  • Retina display
  • Great audio quality


  • Ram and storage is not upgradeable
  • Dim display

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Deciding on the best computer for this category looks tricky. However, the Asus Zenbook, boosting massive storage and Ram makes a good case for the best computer for Skype on this list.

In a closely contested battle for what comes next, both the Microsoft Laptop surface and Apple MacBook make a good challenge to go next.

You can check for other amazing computers for Skype video conferencing on Amazon.

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