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Best Computer Monitor For Recording Studio

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For recording studios, a good monitor is not a negotiable piece of hardware, as it can be likened to the windscreen of a car; without it, you might see, but you can easily be brushed and bruised at the same time. It would help if you had perfect screen real estate to produce the right beats for your audience.

On our top picks, you will find computers that are perfectly picked for this category and with you in mind, these computers are not just having enough screen real estate, they have as well a long chain of features that will blow your mind.

Importantly, it saves you the hustle of searching for the best monitor for your studio, elsewhere.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Computer Monitor For Recording Studio

LG 34WN80C-B

3440×1440 Resolution For Recording Studio


The massive 34-inch screen of this computer opens our doors to what is about to come, as the screen offers enough space to take on your studio applications and to fit in just anything. At the same time, you read and work on the interface and carry out other functions and purposes.

The screen offers an amazing 3440×1440 resolution, while the aspect ratio does great at 21:9. On the connectivity, you are not left out, as you enjoy two HDMI ports with a display port as well as a USB-C port for your connection needs and massive offering.

The adjustable height allows you to control your screen height to fit your working environment and complement your posture at every given time. The sleek curative design may not appeal to all, but it is a fantastic addition to this computer and all that it stands for.

The underlying words here remain that ultra-wide monitors are great for content creators. This has much to do with their specifications and a long line of features other than just their screen size.

Pros And Cons


  • Adjustable height
  • 34-inch screen
  • 21.9 aspect ratio


  • Curvature screen
  • Limited connection options

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MSI Optix AG32C

34-Inch Screen For Recording Studio


If a 34-inch screen looks like overkill for your recording studio, or maybe you wish to save up some space, then I am sure a 32-Inch screen will give you that perfect fitting you deserve for the space reserved for your screen.

The MSI Optix AG32C is one great machine you can trust with your studio recording activities. As it is one beast for this category, the narrow bezel offers clear images, and incredible colors, with just enough room for your studio applications and recording programs.

The 32-inch screen gives a beautiful 1920×1080 resolution with an impressive 16.9 aspect ratio, on the connections you get 1×HDMi, 1×diplay port, and DVI port for your favorite plugins.

This computer’s display is amazingly perfect with just enough too long for and a complete offering. All packed in the beautiful slim body, many people do not like a screen with a gamer aesthetic, especially when they are not gamers. This monitor has all of this.

Pros And Cons


  • 32-inch display
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Narrow bezel


  • Cost
  • Gamer aesthetics

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Flicker-Free Technology For Recording Studio


The Asus brand is the quality that they do not compromise, which is quite essential for many good reasons. The Designo-MX27UC is one monitor that is coming from this leading giant in the computing industry.

The beautiful 27-inch screen supports a multi-monitor setup, as well as offers a flicker-free technology to help boost your eyes and ensure its health. Regardless of how many hours you spend on the screen, producing your beats and meeting your client’s requirements.

The blue light flicker and built-in eye saving feature make this monitor one of the most protective monitors in the market, built with client-specific features to aid your visibility and keep you committed to your task.

You equally get the height adjustment feature on this computer, as well as thin bezels. The 27-inch screen offers an excellent 1920×1080p resolution, with an aspect ratio of 16.9, while the connectivity options are also quite great.

Pros And Cons


  • Ideal for dual monitor setup
  • Height adjustment feature
  • Eye protection


  • Limited connection options
  • Cost

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The final choice on the best monitor for a recording studio will depend much on your preference as well as your options. If you prefer a widescreen real estate, which is equally important, then either the LG 34AWN80C or MSI Optix AG32C will do just great.

When choosing the best monitor for your recording studio, the computer screen real estate is one thing that should always come to mind. Knowing you will be working on digital audio workstations and will need all the best plugins to get the best out of Ableton live and other platforms like a logic pro.

For its wide spreads across depth, the Ultrawide monitors are best preferred and are seen as game-changers for the recording studio. High-resolution images and refresh rates are not the necessary bites here; the focus should be placed on the screen.

It should be large enough to fit everything, also, of a reasonable size so you can read everything on the screen without straining your eyes. This way, you enjoy your workflow and stay away from a hazard such as eyestrain from the screen’s long usage.

However, if your preference bothers on having a good enough screen size and adequate protection for your eyes, then the Designo-MX27UC provides an alternative option that nothing can beat as it offers the best protection for your eyes with its flicker-free and eye-saving features.

Looking for options, not on this list? You can find them on Amazon.

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