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Best Computers For After Effect

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As a professional video editor, you may not necessarily need a full setup studio to achieve optional results with your video editing needs. A good computer may be the greatest piece of machinery you will need to set your business going.

Our list of top three picks of best computers for after effects has it all, from GPU to processing power and perfect storage. You only need to pick from the list, and you are set for bliss!

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Computers For After Effects


18 Hours Battery life Computer For After Effect


The Nanocarbon design of this computer sets it apart as a beauty to behold. The LG GRAM is one of the finest computers of its time in designing and configuring this computer house.

This computer’s 17-inch wide display is a perfect fit for your video editing needs, using after effects. This is because you get a widescreen display with a beautiful resolution, offering wide viewing angles and sharp visuals.

The processing warehouse is the 10th generation Intel core i7 processor, while the clock speed of this computer is 3.9GHz, making video editing a lift without stress of any kind.

The memory is backed by 1TB storage, and of course, the SSD storage for easy retrieval of saved documents and processing time. The ram is an impressive 16GB of memory for everything and anything you will need to work on while concentrating on after effects.

You get over 18 hours of battery life on this computer, an excellent feature that is rare to come by, and a backlight keypad so that you can work at night and in low light areas.

The GPU is an integrated graphics card, while it does perfectly when used for after effects, a dedicated graphics card would have fit more preferably.

Pros And Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 17-inch wide display


  • Absence of touchscreen support
  • Lack of dedicated graphics card

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HP Pavilion ×360

256GB Computer For After Effect


The 14inch convertible 2-in-1 HP Pavilion ×360 is an amazing delight for everyone venturing into the video editing industry and for the person who seeks to add more arsenals to his chest. This computer performs at such excellent speed, which makes loading after effects just easy.

You get a touchscreen feature on this computer for your smooth navigation and easy access, while the 10th generation Intel core i5 processor adds an extra layer of beauty to this computer.

Powering the processing demands and allowing you to run after effects and other video editing tools. There is more. The processing speed clocks at 4.1GHz, an impressive speed for the job at hand and perfect for high-end graphic intensive programs. The 1080p resolution is excellent, offering clear graphics and a sharp display.

You get a variety of ports on this computer and a seasoned GPU with the Intel UHD graphics. You get 256GB of storage on the storage, while the ram is a fabulous 8GB, meeting all of your multitasking demands without breaking down.

Pros And Cons


  • 11th generation chipset
  • 1080p resolution
  • 4.1GHz processor speed


  • Ram could be better
  • Storage could be great

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MSI GF63 thin-9scx-005

1080P Computer For After Effects


The 9th generation powered MSI GF63 is one powerful computer that does amazing things such as giving you a hassle-free environment to work on your after effects, and video editing platforms.

This computer seems to be the only computer on our list with a dedicated graphics card, and this is excellent for the graphics intensive after effects program. The NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1650 makes up for everything you need, ranging from clear visuals to a powerful user interface.

The processor’s 4.1GHz speed places this computer on the top list of fast computers for after effects. In contrast, the 9th generation Intel processor does great for everything demanding a great processor speed.

 You get a thin bezel display in addition to the 1080p resolution of this computer, with a fantastic 7 hours of battery life. The storage offers 256GB of memory, in addition to the 8GB of ram.

Pros And Cons


  • 9th generation Intel chipset
  • 4.1GHz speed
  • Dedicated graphics card


  • Noisy cooling fans
  • Dim screen

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The MSI GF63 looks like a fantastic pick for the best computer for, after effects, the dedicated graphics card offers just more, which gives credence to this pick.

Whether you are Vlogger, a Video Pro, a Film student, or trying to create a niche for yourself in the film and video editing world, the requirements are the same. Much will depend on your computer and its ability to perform the graphics-intensive demands of video editing, and visual orientation.

Similar to using the Premiere Pro tools, a good computer with massive processing power will load your graphics contents, and allow after effect to work seamlessly, while you achieve the greatest level of productivity at your post.

All of these are tied down to three essentials, and these are GPU, Processor, and Storage/Ram. Let us begin with the GPU; your computer graphics card will define the extent to which your computer will perform when running after effects.

Video editing programs are graphics intensive and after-effects are one of such programs, getting a computer with a dedicated graphics card will be the charm here.

To experience lag-free operations, you will need your processor. Your computer’s processing power will come in handy here, and this is just what it is.

Getting a computer with just enough processing speed will aid your operations of after effects, while the storage and ram will guarantee smooth load, and space to save your works.

You will not need to break a sweat on all of these, searching everywhere for the perfect computer for this function. However, the large screen estate available on the LG Gram, in addition to the ram and storage space, makes it the best pick for this category. You can get other great sets of computers for after-effects on Amazon.

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