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To have perfect photos, a photographer needs to do excellent editing on the photos. The editing given to a photograph may be the difference between a great photograph and a bad one. In many instances, what will really count is the computer used in the editing processes.

This is to say that it is not every computer or laptop is built for photo editing. In order words, some laptops were built with photographers in mind.

In choosing a computer for editing, some things must be in the mind of the photographer. A photographer must consider the solid-state drive (SSD) of the laptop, a minimum of 256GB storage and 8GB as the minimum RAM. On this, bigger is better.

The essence of having a large memory is to have fast data transfer – this enables you to move your photos without any issue and enough space to store large files.

Generally, a computer for photo editing must have excellent image quality, a powerful processor, large RAM – which will enable the user to run editing apps freely. Also required is a graphic card for high-resolution photos.

We have selected the 3 best computers for photographers. Our picks are based on the image quality of the laptop, the processor, RAM, Storage, and Battery life.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Computers For Photographers

MacBook Pro 13” M1

8 Core GPU Computer For photographers


This is an all-round computer for photo editing. First, this laptop has a very fine build. The processor of this powerful laptop is the Apple M1 Chip which gives the computer speed and power beyond belief. The chip in this laptop makes MacBook Pro 13” outrageously fast and powerful.

Its 8-Core GPU is the most advanced graphic processor by Apple. It is reputed to be the most popular pro notebook. It has a graphics speed that is 5x that of its competitors. Working with this laptop gives you a lot of relief as it has a battery that can carry you for a whole day. It is claimed to have a battery life of 20 hours.

Moreover, the MacBook pro 13” has a Touch Bar which is a slim OLED display – a sensitive button and short cuts – which is a great feature for photo editing.

If you are a Mac user MacBook Pro 13 is the perfect laptop for photo editing. Though expensive, it has all you need to deliver excellent photographs, therefore, it is a worthy investment.

Pros and cons


  • Improved specs
  • Larger storage
  • Great Keyboards


  • Lacks ports
  • Old design

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Dell XPS 15”

4k Display Computer For Photographers


Dell XPS 15 is reputed to be the best windows laptop available for photo editing. The make of this laptop is a push of innovation to the edge. This laptop has a beautiful design and is light.

It has a ten-generation processor powerful enough to run all apps that a photographer will need for his job. This is an excellent alternative to the MacBook Pro 13.

This computer is a real powerhouse, all a photographer will need is in it. Its borderless display rightly maximizes the screen, also its design is one of a kind.

Another beautiful feature of this laptop which makes it a perfect fit for the photographer includes its UltraSharp 4K display – images can be edited with pinpoint accuracy, 100% Adobe RGB colour gamut. Photographs appear smoother and colour gradients are amazing, over 16 million colours are built into this laptop.

On top of all these outstanding features is its touch-friendly nature, and you can directly interact with your phone by making calls, send texts and get the notification. Just like the MacBook Pro 13, it is expensive but worth it.

Pros and cons


  • Beautiful Display
  • Comfy Keyboard
  • Amazing speakers


  • GTX 1650 is a little weak.
  • It is Expensive

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Acer Swift 3 14”

Long-Lasting Battery Computer For Photographers


This laptop goes for less than half the price of the Apple MacBook Pro 13”, yet possess almost all the processing powers of it. It comes in an all-aluminium chassis and reputed as one of the best laptops for photographers.

It is slim, stylish and light, very convenient to carry about. Its display uses the IPS backlighting technology for viewing angles and brighter colours. The keyboard of this laptop is also shooting to work with.

As your editing works will require, this laptop can carry you for a whole day, it is capable of lasting up to 17 hours and in cases of emergency, it can be fast-charged for 30 minutes and last up to 4 hours.

The laptops fingerprint reader is an added secure way used by the windows to verify your identity. For its price and powerful make, it’s a worthy investment that will take your photography business to the next level.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Powerful


  • Has a thick frame.
  • No SD or MicroSD card slot

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The concern is you delivering the best of photographs and you need the best of laptops that will help you deliver jobs seamlessly. You will need a laptop that has sufficient memory – 8GB being the minimum and large storage – 256GB being the minimum. A laptop with superb image quality, a powerful processor

With the Apple MacBook Pro 13, you have all you need to deliver an excellent photograph. Though expensive, it is an investment that is worth it. It is an all-round computer for photographers. For options, check it out on Amazon.

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