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In this computerized age, a lot of activities are supported by computers, and this includes running a business and playing games. Computers are everywhere you go but finding the best among so many options becomes the task here, but hey, I’ve got you covered.

Having a guide will come in handy in your search for the best computer either for your business, games, or even if you like Macs. This article aims to serve as a guide for your search for the best computers and it contains the best three computer and important things to consider when purchasing a computer.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Computer

Asus D500

Best Business Computer


The Asus D500 is built as a small form factor computer with a tool-free chassis design and an internal steel case design that can accommodate four storage devices with maximum space to expand and comfortably accommodate other components. 

It is powered by a 10th generation Intel core processor and a six-core processor with a 12M cache of up to 4.3 GHz memory speed. These features are enabled on a Windows 10 Pro operating system that is highly suitable for business because it ensures fluidity in multitasking even with high-end applications. 

It is also built with a 512Fb PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD and a 12Gb 2666MHz DDR4 RAM that can be expanded to a 64Gb RAM, and additional expansion slots that includes two DDR4 U-DIMM slot,  PCI slots, and PCIe slots as well as input ports such as USB 2.0 Type-A Gen 1, three audio jacks, a DVD writer, a headphone jack, a 3.5mm combo audio jack, four USB 3.2 ports, HDMI port, DisplayPort, a DVI-D port, a card reader, Bluetooth 5.0 and a dual-band Wi-Fi.

The structure of this computer is built following the demands of the industry requirements of a MIL-STD 810G US military-grade requirements

This computer is built to cater to businesses’ needs with its compact and sleek small form factor with a tool-free design for businesses and a keyboard and a mouse to give you a head start.

Pros and Cons


  • It is equipped with a 10th generation Intel core processor.
  • It has a small form factor and wouldn’t take up a lot of office space.
  • It has a 12GB memory capacity.


  • It does not support high-end games.
  • It does not have authentic features.

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IBuyPower Element MR9270

Best Gaming Computer


A lot of people love the ease and convenience that comes with plug-and-play devices, and that is one of the features that had made the iBuyPower gaming computer a favorite choice for pro gamers, together with the complementary ergonomic gaming mouse that is built with easy to reach programmable thumb buttons and a keyboard that is included to make gaming a thrilling experience.  The keyboard features shortcuts and easy-to-navigate two-tone keys that provide easy switching between different modes.

This gaming computer employs an Intel Core i7-9700f processor that has a memory speed of up to 3.0GHz, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 6GB dedicated gaming video card, 16GB DDR4-2666 RAM, 1TB HDD, and 240GB SSD that provides storage for smooth performance of all new and already existing applications. 

All the features integrated into this gaming computer are programmed to function on a Windows 10 Home Operating System and they are housed in a tempered glass RGB gaming case with sixteen RGB colors that provide colorful ambient lighting to complement your gaming setup. 

This gaming computer is equipped with four USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, a DVI port, an HDMI port, a display port, an RJ-45 Ethernet Network, an audio port, and a one-year warranty. 

Pros and Cons


  • It is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor.
  • It has a memory capacity of 16GB.
  • It has tempered glass side panels with RGB lights.


  • It is heavy.
  • Its RGB lights are too colorful

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Apple iMac (with 5k Retina Display)

Best Apple Computer


The Apple iMac is a 27-inch computer monitor with a Nano edge textured glass designed to reduce glare while displaying sharp images with 500 nits of brightness and a well-defined contrast ratio for a realistic display of pictures. 

It functions with a 10th generation intel core i5 processor with up to 3.1 GHz 6 core turbo boost and an amazing 128Gb memory that has ample storage space to easily navigate high definition applications such as editing ultra high definition videos and developing a realistic game environment. 

This computer uses a 5k retina display with one billion colors and 500 nits of brightness to display sharp and excellent picture quality. Peculiar to all computers with an iMac model, this computer employs an ultra-fast SSD storage that ensures high capacity, and speed in handling heavy-duty files.

It also employs a magic keyboard and a highly responsive magic mouse that is designed to improve productivity with ease. The Apple iMac features two thunderbolt 3 USB C ports, four USB A ports, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection.

1Gb Ethernet port that can be configured to a 10Gb Ethernet port, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, a 1080P facetime HD camera with face detection, a keyboard mouse, and an enhanced studio-quality mic.  Although it is suitable for high-end games, it is highly suitable for businesses and it can handle a lot of software and applications needed for the successful launching and management of a business.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a high storage capacity.
  • It functions on a 10th generation intel core.
  • It uses a 5k retina display


  • It is expensive.
  • It does not support high-end games.

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Things To Consider When Purchasing A Computer

Form Factor

The form factor is one of the most important features to look out for when buying a computer because it functions as a platform that connects all other parts of the computer.

It gives specifications for the type of motherboard and you won’t be exaggerating if you call it the brain of the computer because it accommodates all the major components of the computer and provides a common ground for them to function. 

The motherboard is designed in different configurations such as ATX, mini-ATX, and ITX, and they provide the standards by which other components operate on.


Choosing the size of your computer goes beyond appearance, and style because apart from providing a common enclosure that houses all the components, it determines the size of everything that will be used in the building process and this includes the form factor of the motherboard, the size of the fans, and the number of drives.

It also determines the cable management and how the components of the computer will be assembled. They are usually in the form of a full tower, mid-tower, and small form/ mini-tower. The type of activity you’ll be engaged in can determine the size of the computer because it won’t be very comfortable getting a full tower computer for business activities.

Cooling performance

The components of the computer will generate a good amount of heat while running and a cooling feature must be in place to prevent overheating which could lead to serious damages to the computer.

The cooling capability features either or both air and water cooling features that function differently yet complementary to provide even distribution of cool air to the computer.

The air cooling feature of a computer comprises different sizes of fans located at strategic positions to provide cool air to the computer. In contrast, the water cooling feature comprises radiators that transfer heat into a liquid cooling system. 


The kind of computer that you’ll get depends on your budget, and this makes the price factor one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a computer. 

You might want a computer for high-end games or something basic for a business, nevertheless, their features and basic performance would vary and the prices are a way of telling them apart.

Although there are computers that perform excellently well without costing too much, a lot of high-end computers are quite pricey but they deliver excellent performance that is worth every penny spent.  If you can afford it, get a well-built and high-performance computer  because they are durable, reliable, and more functional for highly demanding applications.


The memory capacity of your computer is also another factor to be considered when purchasing a computer. A large memory capacity is important for the large storage of data and the execution of highly demanding applications. Most computers are built with more than one storage facility and some memory capacity can be upgraded to suit the preference of the user.


The type of processor used by DIYers and already built computers are in the varieties of Intel core processors and AMD Ryzen. The type of processor used determines to a large extent the speed and entire performance of the computer in handling basic and highly demanding tasks.

When using Intel core processors, the number of cores determines the number of threads that it can handle at the same time and they are in the varieties of i3, i5, i7, and i9 in different generations. However, apart from the number of cores built into the processor, there are also slight differences that determine how efficiently they handle tasks. 

Graphics Card

If you’re purchasing or building a computer to handle business activities, the impact of a graphics card won’t be on the high side. However, if you plan on engaging in gaming activities, high-end graphics, and other high-performance and highly demanding applications, then you must get a graphics card or a processor that is built with an integrated graphics processing unit to handle fluidity in the images that will be produced.

Noise level

The noise produced by some computers when running can be disturbing especially if you will be using it for simple operations other than games. There are quiet computers built with sound-dampening features that ensure that computers function on a shallow noise level.

Even with their quiet features, they are built with highly functional features, and if you’ve got your mindset on purchasing one of these, we have a list of the best quiet computer cases that will come in handy in search.


For some people, having a computer goes beyond a case that accommodates the components that facilitate the smooth performance of a computer.

They also consider the appearance d the computer by considering features such as aluminum frames, tempered glass side panels, lightings, and color of the case( of which white happens to be the favorite of some people, and we’ve got something in store for you if you’ve got your mindset on finding the best white computer case), 

Other Things to Consider

Aside from the above-listed factors, there are other things to consider when buying a computer, some are there by default to sustain the durability and performance of your computer while others such as RGB lights are a matter of choice and can be included if the computer that you purchase does not come with it.  These are as important as other features integrated into a computer and they include 

  • Number of drive bays
  • Dust filler, Cable Management
  • RGB lights
  • Number of ports, and,
  • Portability, which is a major feature for people that attend LAN parties or play multiplayer games. 


Large varieties of computers function on a Windows Operating System but if you prefer a Mac Operating system for its style, class, performance, and fluidity on multitasking, there’s an option for you too. 

While searching for a computer, certain things should be considered because to a large extent, they determine the performance of your computer and its components.

Our performance on several of the activities that we’re engaged in rely solely on the performance of a computer and they will suffer greatly if you do not use the best computer for it.

It is easy to search for the best when you have a guide at hand and I hope that this article helped you in your search. If you still want to check out more options for a computer, you’ll find them on

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