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Best Contacts For Computer Users

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Blue lights are a silent monster that harms the eyes, it kills it slowly and before long, you can see the sad effect of exposing the eyes to blue lights and for a long time. If you are a programmer or an internet freak, chances are that you will be seating in front of your computer for hours.

You also do not experience the usual slight distortion that comes with wearing glasses for just too long; contacts will eradicate this problem and keep you safe wearing them.

Importantly, with contacts, you do not stand a chance with glare, and bright lights, which are usually with glasses especially when you look at the sun or bright lights. Computer contacts provide an all-around visual clarity for your eyes and maintain stability.

We have researched, and seek the opinion of experts and users alike, to get you the best contacts for computer users. This list is put together to guarantee you the best experience at all times and ensure that you work at your best, in front of the computer.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Contacts For Computer Users

Bausch & Lomb Ultra

When it comes to choosing the best contact lenses, you will have to figure out your best priority and settle for the best option on the list and this we are sure is not far away from an all-around best.

Whether you are nearsighted, having issues with reflective error, or farsighted. There is a contact lens that fits your need and will offer the best protection for your eyes, on a computer screen and Bausch is one of those great options you can always trust.

Made from Silicone Hydrogel, that comes with a special feature, guarantying the free flow of oxygen to your eyes from the lenses.

The MoistureSeal technology on this lens allows you to enjoy 95% moisture, lasting over 16hours. Your comfort is guaranteed on these lenses as you enjoy complete eye protection and comfort.

Using Bausch will also enhance your breathability, and this makes it perfect for dry eyes and allows you to use the computer for long hours.

Pros And Cons


  • MoistureSeal Technology
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Perfect for dry eyes


  • Cost
  • Absence of natural wet lens materials

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CooperVision Biofinity Lenses

CooperVision is one of the leading giants in the contacts industry and this status they have held onto for years. Thus guarantying their reliability as one brand you can trust and respect for their durability and products that are client-specific.

The Biofinity Lenses are the subject matter of this review, the contact lenses come with an advanced level of comfort, and this is just fantastic.

The Aqua form comfort science technology combines perfectly with a high oxygen performance to give you the best feelings on the lenses. You get naturally wet lens materials, so you do not feel any form of discomfort when you use these contact lenses.

Your contact will stay moist all day long, while the premium silicone hydrogel will guarantee the free flow of oxygen to your eyes and give you comfortable and enhanced breathability on the contact. Interestingly, it is cheaper than Bausch’s, yet it offers an equal value.

Pros And Cons


  • High oxygen performance
  • Natural wet lens material
  • Comfort science technology


  • Cheap
  • Monthly contact lenses

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Alcon Dailies Total

The daily contact lenses from Alcon are a great delight for everyone, from computer screen users to seniors who tend to improve their visibility, and for everyone who needs contacts.

There is a disadvantage that comes with storing and cleaning up your contacts daily, it can allow protein buildup and when this happens, it aggregates your dry eyes. This situation is completely taken care of, by Alcon dailies total that allow you the use of disposable contacts.

The Alcon contact lenses are the only lenses with Water gradient technology, which gives you a cushion of moisture over the surface of your eyes and allows for plenty of breathability. Similarly, it increases the water content in the eyes to over 100%.

The SmarTears feature on these contact lenses gives you ingredients only found in tears to fill in for your eyes tear film. You are guaranteed the best eye healthcare with the Alcon Dailies, and this is seen from the wide acceptance these contact lenses get.

Pros And Cons


  • Water gradient technology
  • SmarTears technology
  • 100% water content


  • Daily content lens
  • Cost

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The case is the same for designers and CAD users, staying in front of the computer for those long hours is almost irresistible. Irrespective of the need why you must be using your computer for hours, the truth you must keep is that blue lights; will harm the eyes, if not now, then later.

For the seniors, helping the eyes to maintain strong eye health is essential for the overall health of the body. The eyes, which is the gateway of the body, must be protected for all that it does. Contacts are a great way to achieve this goal and this is for several reasons;

First, contacts unlike glasses guarantee all-around vision, if you regularly use glasses, you will agree with me at this point. Glasses are great for anything in front of them, you get an optimal view. When the object is not in front, glasses can be a challenge, for contacts this is not the case.

The Alcon Dailies contact lenses are a great delight, the features available on these lenses for your eyes and the health of your eyes is just amazing. It guarantees a fantastic experience and gives you unassailable protection from eyestrain and blue lights.

It is our best pick for this category and it is massively impressive for all that it works, CooperVision and Bausch are other great alternatives you can try out.

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