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Best CPU For 3D Rendering 

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When multiple CPUs landed on the scenes of our computing world, we knew deep in our hearts that something big was about to happen. This is not the tip of the iceberg, we could virtually point at the iceberg and make assertions as to its size and shape and then AMD and Intel took the competition overboard. 

Multiple CPUs had indeed taken over the space and shown strong character in all, we have seen a new definition for rendering, and apps like Maya, Cinema 3D, and the others have benefited immensely from this new technology order. Just maybe you are getting started, or wondering what works? 

This article is put together to attend to your peculiar need and proffer solutions on the best CPU for 3D rendering, following our selected list of the top three in this category. So let’s get it going!

Our Top Three Picks Of Best CPU For Maya

Intel Core i9-9900k

L3 Cacche Supported CPU For Maya


You will need a strong CPU for 3D animation, not just strong it should be fast enough to process the graphics-intensive demands of Maya, Blender, and all the highly sought-after 3D animation software of today’s world. And this is where the Intel Core i9-9900k excels, the engineering is massive. 

You enjoy 8 cores and 16 threads here, an amazing combination of excellence you will say. The perfect cores and threads combination is backed up with a fabulous 5GHz speed, which makes this CPU one of the fastest in the market today. There is a 16MB cache that makes things more perfect than ever!

The Intel UHD 630 Graphics card, with the fantastic optane technology, adds superior prowess to this list and makes things even better. When it comes to 3D animation or modeling this CPU kills it. You can easily overclock the cores if you need enough space and power. 

When compared with the Ryzen 7 2700x, this CPU outperforms it on all sides. The cache makes for fast and efficient processing which adds more than just value to your computing demands. 

Pros And Cons 


  • 16MB L3 cache 
  • Fantastic performance 
  • 8 cores and 16 threads 


  • Heating issues 
  • Compatibility  issues with older motherboards 

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AMD Ryzen 9 3950x 

73MB Game Cache CPU For Maya


Just as we stated in the introduction, the competition is between AMD and Intel, and the battle rages on. AMD has gone ahead to introduce some very fantastic CPUs into the market and the AMD Ryzen 9 is one of such fine and admirable engineering masterpieces. 

You enjoy 16cores and 32 threads on this CPU a speed and strength that kills it for many. The 4.7GHz max speed on this CPU could have been better off, but when compared side by side to the many features this CPU houses, it is never below the ranks. The CPU is amazing. 

You enjoy a 73MB game cache, with an attached 4.0 PCLE that boosts your graphical performance and takes things beyond the ordinary. The gaming experience on this CPU is unbeatable, as well as the Video,  Audio, and 3D rendering excellence. You enjoy both multiple and single-core performances. 

When taking further, you are best at home here with the designs and animations you can churn out, all within a limited sphere. Whether you are working on Maya, Blender, or Cinema 3D, this CPU is posed to give you all-around excellence, that sets it apart. 

The downside here is the absence of a CPU cooler, which makes cooling a thing to contend with. 

Pros And Cons 


  • 16 cores and 32 threads 
  • 73MB game cache 
  • Supreme rendering performance 


  • Heat 
  • Cost 

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AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

4.6Ghz CPU For Maya


When it comes to budget CPU, this Ryzen 9 tops the list the CPU of choice with the excellent configurations that are noticeable here.  There are 12 cores and 24 threads to contend with, meaning on a lesser budget that saves some great fractions off your wallet, you are still left with a great choice. 

The CPU works great with AM4 Sockets, and the amazing 4.6GHz processing power of this CPU makes it an amazing addition not just for rendering alone, but for all things animation, and gaming. It is safe to say that you can throw anything at this computer and it will survive it. 

The price makes a good case for the high patronage this CPU has received in recent years, cutting the most sold CPU of 2020. It has a 70MB cache and comes with a fabulous Wraith CPU cooler, that makes your operations smooth and noiseless. 

You also enjoy a fabulous memory latency, that makes up for everything good. 

Pros And Cons 


  • 12 cores and 24 threads 
  • 4.6GHz speed 
  • 70MB cache 


  • Works best on AM4 motherboards 
  • Heat issues 

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Nothing can take the place of your CPU, it functions as the brain of the computer and this is a fact that cannot be left unattended. One of the best choices you can make when it comes to what constitutes your computer parts is the choice of your CPU, it has to be great for the computer to be great. 

While the AMD Ryzen 9 should have topped this list as the best CPU for rendering, considering the 16 cores and 32 threads it houses. The core i9 makes it through as the best CPU on this list, with its 5Ghz ram that makes processing an amazing delight to go with. You can check for other CPUs on Amazon.

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