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Best CPU For GTX 1070

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CPU means Central Processing Unit. It is one of the main components of a computer that processes information. It processes the data and produces an output that may be stored by an application or displayed on the screen. It contains at least one processor which is the actual chip inside the computer CPU that performs calculations.

It also comes with a VRWorks Audio which uses the NVIDIA OptiX ray-tracing engine to trace the path of sounds across an environment in real-time, fully reflecting the size, shape, and material of the virtual world.

Also, with a compatible motherboard and a connecting bracket, two or more NVIDIA GPUs of the same model can combine processing power using NVIDIA’s Scalable Link Interface. When used with a monitor that has G-SYNC hardware installed, the monitor’s refresh rate will sync and lock with the graphics card’s output frame rate.

Our Top 3 Picks For Best CPU for GTX 1070

Intel Core i7 8700k

High Performance CPU for GTX 1070


The intel i7 800k offers a good gaming experience and overclock to 5.0 GHz hitch-free. It is impressive with its way of doing the job and one of the best for gaming.

The single-thread performance is good. Intel Core i7-8700K is a hyper-threading processor which will run perfectly whether you OC it or not. It is a good choice for gaming, productivity, video editing, and overclocking.

It offers 6/12 core. threads, UHD Graphics 630, and 95W of TDP. It comes with 2 x DDR4 memory channels of which max memory is 128GB and memory bandwidth is 42.6 Gb/s. Its base frequency is 3.70 GHz and the max Turbo boost frequency is 4.70 GHz. The lithography manufacture is 14nm and the total amount of cache is 12MB.

Pros and Cons


  • Strong multi-thread performance
  • High performance
  • It comes with an unlocked multiplier.


  • It runs hot
  • It requires a Z series motherboard

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Ryzen 7 2700X

Multitasking CPU for GTX 1070


The Ryzen 7 2700X provides an enhanced multi-threaded performance. It comes with strong 8/16 core/threads with a base frequency of 3.7MHz. The L2 and L3 cache are respectively 4MB and 16MB and it has 12nm FinFET architecture. Moreover, it supports PCIe 3.0 x16, and its total TDP is 105W. The thermal solution offers RGB LED lighting. Also, it has a 2 x DDR4 memory channel with more than 2933 MHz memory bandwidth.

This processor comes with eight strong cores and 16 threads which offers a superb multi-thread performance. The speed boost is high because of its new 12nm Zen+ architecture.

It is compatible with any other AM4 motherboards but it more compatible with X470 motherboards. It performs 16% better than any last-gen processor that runs with the same clock speed. It is also an up-to-date CPU on choice as it can compete with many 3rd gen CPUs. It is a good choice for both gaming and productivity work as well as video editing. It can multitask very well.

Pros and Cons


  • Good performance
  • It can multitask easily
  • All the chips are unlocked


  • It has limited overclocking headroom
  • It doesn’t come with integrated graphics

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Ryzen 5 2600X

Gaming CPU for GTX 1070


The Ryzen 5 2600X is a good capable and stable CPU. It is easy to install. It can be paired with an OEM cooler. It comes with strong 6/12 core/threads with a base frequency of 3.6MHz. The max boost clock is more than 4.2 GHz. The L2 and L3 cache are respectively 3MB and 16MB and it has 12nm FinFET architecture.

Moreover, it supports PCIe 3.0 x16, and its total TDP is 95W. Moreover, it has a 2 x DDR4 memory channel with more than 2933 MHz memory bandwidth.

It comes with a paired heatsink and the OEM heatsinks are super solid and it keeps it cool even at the boost clock frequency. It is a good choice for heavy multi-task, rendering, streaming, this one is for basic works, gaming. It runs even cooler with liquid cooling. It is good for gaming mostly.

Pros and Cons


  • It has plenty cores and threads
  • It improves gaming frame rate
  • It provides all-round performance


  • It consumes too much power
  • It runs hot

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A CPU with two processing cores is called a dual-core CPU and models with four cores are called quad-core CPUs. It regulates the operations of the computer.

It receives data from the main memory and interprets them in order to activate other elements of the computer at the appropriate moment to perform their respective operations. All input information are transferred via the main memory to the arithmetic- logic unit involving the four basic arithmetic functions and specific logic operations.

GTX 1070 has an overclocked core, slightly overclocked memory, customizable LED lights, and it is based on NVIDIA’s Pascal architecture. It introduces innovative graphics features and technologies that redefine the computer as the platform for playing AAA games and taking full advantage of virtual reality via the NVIDIA VRWorks.

It comes with three DisplayPort 1.4 outputs, an HDMI 2.0b output, and DVI-D Dual-Link output. It comes with a Twin Frozr VI cooler. The Twin Frozr VI cooler uses two large fans to force air through the heatsink and dissipate heat and lower the GPU’s internal temperature. It comes with several LED lights on the GPU, which can be controlled by the user by choosing any of the animation effects available in the MSI Gaming App.

The Ryzen 7 2700X is the best CPU for GTX 1070 because it introduced the first 12nm architecture in mainstream processors, along with lightning-fast clock speeds and plenty of new features. It also comes with the Wraith Prism, which is considered to be a premium RGB CPU cooler.
It is faster with a 3.7GHz base clock and 4.3GHz boost because of the Ryzen 2nd Generation’s new 12nm Zen+ architecture.

It also comes with the X470 platform which provides better power delivery and efficiency. It introduces a new optional StoreMI technology that basically ties all the storage mediums together for the quickest access to the most commonly used files and programs. All these features make it the best consumer CPU in the market today. To see more options, visit

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