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Best CPU For RTX 2070

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Gaming and conducting high-end computing operations on your computer, especially when it has to do with CAD/CAM jobs, will demand more of your GPU than your CPU. This is the case, however, to enjoy the massive offering of your GPU cards, your CPU must be optimized.

It is just like running a race; while you can be a good runner yourself, you will need good sporting wear and shoes to keep you protected from falls and give you maximum comfort as you run. This is the balance; we are talking about on the CPU and having a good enough graphics card.

Whether you are looking for a computer CPU to replace your defective one, or you are buying outright and worried about the compatibility concerns this may pose, we have it all figured out for you in this article.

Furthermore, we have selected a list of the top three CPUs with amazing balance, to aid your seamless gaming experience.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best CPU For RTX 2070

Ryzen5 36000

NVIDIA Cards Supported CPU For RTX 2070


You may question what the AMD Ryzen is doing on a board for RTX CPU; this is where compatibility comes in. Most NVIDIA cards run on Ryzen CPU and the same applies to AMD cards too. The goal will be to find the compatibility level and know what works and how.

You get 6 cores and 12 threads on this CPU, with support for over 100fps; this CPU is a great delight for your gaming expeditions and offers an equally great environment for your video editing, and rendering functions. You are in for some amazing configurations, and this CPU kills it.

The core clock of the CPU stands at 3.8GHz and when overclocked it gets as high as 4.4GHz, which is a great buy and this will increase the performance of the CPU and allow you to game your way, through those CPUs intensive games that require the extra space to function.

The CPU supports PCI-E-4. 0 and has a nice multi-threading feature that gives you that extra balance on your computing operations. You already know that you can overclock this CPU, however, the fact that it has its overclocking tool is one you might not have known.

The cooling fan on this CPU is great, and it creates no compatibility concerns with the RTX 2070 card.

Pros And Cons


  • 4.5GHz processing speed
  • Six-cores
  • 12 threads


  • Not great for 4k screen
  • Cost

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Ryzen 7 3700x

Minimum Electricity CPU For RTX 2070


Just like the name, which implies it to be an upgrade for the Ryzen 5, this CPU is truly an upgrade and beats the offering of the Ryzen 5.

It comes with increased performance over its precursor and offers a wide array of support for gaming applications. Most of which cannot be accommodated by the Ryzen 5.

The CPU has 8 cores and 16 threads, and the multi-core support is a massive delight that makes this CPU one of the fastest you can find in the market today.

The CPU uses minimum electricity, with just 65watt of current to run. This CPU falls into the third generation of processors and offers more value than those before it.

On the processing prowess, the CPU can be overclocked to 4.4GHz, and regardless of the features, this CPU is on a budget price, allowing you to own a great computing unit, at a cheap price. It is ultra-fast and gives fabulous support for all you will do on your RTX 2070 card.

Pros And Cons


  • Supports PCI-E 4.0
  • Highly efficient
  • Intensive gaming interface


  • Slow at times
  • Reduces overclocking speed

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Intel Core i5-8600k

3.6GHz Clock Speed CPU For RTX 2070


What about having over sixteen PCI-E 3.0 lines? The Intel Core i5 provides as much as this and many more for the game-loving computer user who wishes to settle for a computer that matches his/her passion.

There are six cores and six threads on this CPU, and the processing power is such a massive comfort, with the boost clock reaching 4.8-5GHz, from the core clock of 3.6GHz. You get Multi-threading optimization on this CPU in addition to the excellent gaming performance.

You know it can be overclocked, so you have no fears if you need more speed and improved performance in the nearest future. This graphics card is great for streaming live gameplay and other intensive tasks and works great on 4k resolutions providing crisp clear images.

Pros And Cons


  • 8th generation intel chipset
  • Great for 4K resolutions
  • Multi-threading optimization


  • No hyperthreading
  • No heat sink

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The GPU and CPU combined are the most essential aspects of your computer and this provides a top-quality interface for your gaming operations, and every other thing you will do on a computer.

Your images to display correctly will need a graphics card and the CPU must as well be top-notch. In this article, we shall be reviewing the best CPU for the RTX 2070 graphics card, which is one of the leading cards in the computing industry before the emergence of the great bullies, the RTX 30 series. Our goal is to highlight unique CPUs with impressive compatibility that fits your needs.

The Ryzen 7 is your finest pick for a CPU that does just great and on maximum configurations, while the Core i5 possessor offers a significant challenge to the merits of the Ryzen 7. The number of threads and cores on the Ryzen 7 is enough to settle this debate.

The list is not exhaustive and you can find more cards with greater offerings on Amazon.

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