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Best Gifts For A Computer Programmer

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Everyone needs to be appreciated and reminded of how special they are. Even the littlest encouragement and appreciation can go a long way to motivate someone, and one of the best ways to express your love, gratitude, and encouragement is through a gift.

Programmers are one of the most important people in digital technology, and it is just right that we appreciate and encourage them. 

Beyond the computer monitor and “always coding” appearance of a programmer, they’re wonderful people who need to be encouraged and appreciated for their efforts.

Programming is unquestionably a challenging career, and most times, you can’t help them do their job, except you plan on writing codes with them which is a bigger challenge itself. 

The best way to get through to them is with a gift that expresses your lovely intention and best wishes for them, and I selected the best ten gifts that you can give to your programming friend, brother, or sister that is either a Pro or just starting a career in programming.

Kinesis Advantage 2

Ergonomic Programming Keyboard


A keyboard is like the biggest weapon in a programmer’s arsenal, and the Kinesis Advantage 2 is the best programming keyboard that you can gift to a loved one.

The Kinesis Advantage 2 is ergonomically built-in a contoured shape design that features split keys, thumb keys, orthogonal layout, 20° tenting aid integrated palm support with cushioned palm pads.  Its keys use Cherry MX silent mechanical switches with a lifespan of fifty million keystrokes. 

This programming keyboard is built with numerous programming-oriented features that have proven to increase productivity with programming software. It employs plug-and-play compatibility with Major operating systems, and a 3-year manufacturer warranty backs it up. 

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Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses


Programmers spend a lot of time working with the computer and this exposes their eyes to blue light which can cause strain and headache. Gifting them with the Feiyold Blue light blocking glass is an expression of your care for their health while they do what they know how to do best. 

The Feiyold Computer glass is equipped with 3A transparent lens that blocks 99% harmful blue ray with high transmittance to provide a perfect balance between eye protection and visual experience.  It has a lightweight and durable frame that is easy on the nose and ears and provides unparalleled comfort for long periods.

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Home Tow

Programer’s Mouse Pad

If you want a pocket-friendly gift for your programmer friend or relative, then you should go all-in for this mouse pad. A gift doesn’t have to cost you a million bucks to express your purest intention, and the words on this mouse pad say it all.

The Home Tow mouse pad has a non-slip rubber base that makes it stick firmly on any surface that it is placed on. It is easy to clean and made with fine materials that make it dust and stain resistant while providing a smooth tracking surface for a mouse.

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Coffee Mug for Programmers

Programmers are not always serious-minded and nerdy. They can take a joke and a coffee at the same time, and this coffee mug is the best way to put a smile on their face every morning. It is made from high-quality ceramic with a large easy-to-grip handle. It is microwave and dishwasher safe and is available in two different sizes. 

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Rain forest Gecko

Framed Picture for Programmers


Programming can sometimes be tiring, and like everyone, programmers need some reassurance that they’re doing it right and that they can get over the present task because they’ve done better in the past. 

This picture is the perfect reminder of how much of a superhero your programming buddy is. It comes with a hook and an easel that makes it easy to display in any preferred position. It comes in an appealing gift box, and the manufacturer offers a 100% refund or replacement in cases where it is cracked or damaged upon arrival.

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T-shirt for Female Programmers


If you’ve got a female friend or a daughter that’s a programmer, you might want to show off with them, and this is the best form of an announcement that she can make in a stylish and homey way. 

The graphics on this t-shirt is designed to announce their career and help them get the right attention from like-minded people, leaving a smile and sense of pride and admiration in the hearts of anyone that comes in contact with you.

This t-shirt is made of lightweight fine jersey fabric and it is also available in male and female sizes.

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Make Em laugh

Clear Coffee Mug for Programmers

You might want to remind your programming buddy of the basis of his job in a fun and conversational manner. 

This coffee mug is made from standard glass that makes it durable and a heavy bottom and thick walls that make it durable. It can hold 13 oz of hot coffee or tea to provide the needed energy to get through the day. It is a dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Pragmatic Programmer

Career Book for Programmers

Programmers are readers too and gifting them with a book that explains the technicalities and increasing specialization of modern software development is an excellent way of expressing your care and concern towards their career success. 

The Pragmatic Programmer is highly recommended by experts in the field as a book that examines the core process involved in creating, working with, maintaining, and securing a code much to the delight of the programmer. It covers numerous topics that are aimed towards the growth and development of a programmer’s career.

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Python Programming 

Python Book for Programmers


Programmer or not, everyone knows that the job is not easy, and it can be very frustrating for newbies, and a way of supporting them is by providing materials to help them. Python programming is another wonderful gift for someone new to programming to equip them for the task ahead.

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Meme Coding Hacker

Meme T-shirt for Programmers

Everyone has something that poses a big turn-off in their job, and this t-shirt outlines them funnily and stylishly. The graphics of the t-shirt is something that almost everyone can relate to, which makes it even funnier.

It is a great gift for a computer science, network engineer, router admin, coding enthusiast, software app developer, programmer, coder, hacker, IT professionals, computer geek, nerd, students, HTML, Javascript programmers.

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Geeky Style

Geek T-shirt for Programmers


Bugs are a part of life for a computer programmer, and this is a great way of making light a heavy situation faced by coding enthusiasts.  This t-shirt is a wonderful way of putting a smile on their face, even on a tiring day. It is simple, stylish, and also a wonderful gift for a programmer.

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Looking for the best way to express your warmest feeling to your programming friend or relative, get them a gift that reminds them of how much you care about them. I hope that the gifts can perfectly express your feelings to them, but if you still want to search for more gift items, you’ll find them on

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