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Best Graphics Card For Ark Survival Evolved

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6 years on since it first landed on our screens, Ark survival evolved has maintained its place as a revolutionary game, that has both class and elegance packed in one piece. The multiplayer survival game on a dinosaur Ireland has sparked a craving for real gaming that is loved by its loyal fanbase. 

This game unlike others uses a large chunk of your graphics card. It is 100% a graphics card dependent variable, and it will collapse if you have no graphics card installed on your computer, or possibly you have an average card.  Ark Survival Evolved will surely give you trouble if you are in the categories above. 

Even at low settings, Ark survival evolved eats as much as 50% of GPU power on Nvidia GeForce Titan XP, this increases to about 90-99% on high resolution. We have got the best GPU for Ark Survival Evolved, to help you nail your opponents without missing your targets.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Graphics Card For Ark Survival Evolved

GeForce GTX 1060

8 GB Graphics Card For Ark Survival Evolved


We are beginning with a budget graphics card that will not only allow you to play, adventure games like Ark survival also evolved.  You also keep your finances in check, as you save yourself the temptation of digging so deep into your purse. Why will you want to do that for a graphics card is another question.

 The key here is that this graphics card allows shaders and offers some breathtaking fps that you will surely love. With the Nvidia Pascal technology, powering its engine box. You are guaranteed some touch of deep passion when you take on ark survival evolved on your screens. 

Introduced in 2016, this graphics card in addition to ark survival evolved, allows you to play, graphics-intensive games like Fortnite, Battle Royale, and Overwatch at a go without pushing your computer to the brinks. 

With 1280 shader Cuda cores units, an 8GB V-ram, and connectors such as HDMI 2.06, you are guaranteed swift packaging in a small, but beautiful pack. While the basic intention is for gaming, we know you will do things other than gaming and this card will meet all of that for you.

Pros And Cons


  • 1280 shaders 
  • 8GB memory 
  • Cost 


  • Not great for high setting
  • Not suitable for advanced gaming needs 

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AMD Radeon Rx 580 

1340 MHz Boost Frequency Graphics Card For Ark Survival Evolved


AMD is a strong force in the graphics market, competing actively to match the large offerings from NVIDIA. With superior cards, produced to match the latest offerings from NVIDIA at regular intervals. While this is the nature of the struggle between these leading GPU manufactures, it does a great amount of good for the consumer. 

You get the finest offerings are the best rate, as the two giants keep on the fight, as to who owns the market. One of such best rates is the AMD Radeon Rx 580, which stands tell for an affordable and easy-to-use graphics card. 

You enjoy a 1340MHz memory base clock and 144 texture units to brighten your images and allow you to stay at the top of your games. If 5.7 transistors are anything on the safe side,  then the AMD VR will surely awe you, while you also enjoy free sync for 2 monitors. 

This motherboard from AMD produces a hitch-free environment, for your gaming needs and everything you will do on a computer. This is the Hallmark of fine gaming. 

Pros And Cons


  • 1340MHz boost frequency 
  • 144 texture units 
  • 2305 steam processors  


  • Compatibility issues with some computers 
  • Not great for high settings 

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GeForce GTX 1080 TI 

11 GB Frame Butter Graphics Card For Ark Survival Evolved


Rated as one of the best-designed graphics cards by NVIDIA Pascal technology, you are guaranteed a fantastic gaming experience you can kill for. And if great gaming is your thing, you will have more than enough to deal with, when you opt for the GeForce GTX 1080 TI. 

The 11GB frame butter, on this graphics card, is a major improvement that speaks volumes for itself. The next-gen 11Gbps speed will leave you playing your games at top speed, without glitches of any kind. You have the best of the graphics card here, with the GDDR5x, making it a fast cover for your gaming needs. 

The cooling architecture is another delight that will surely blow your mind. You get the right fans in the right places, giving you a constant performance above bars in an extremely competitive environment. It also comes with a 1670MHz boost clock 

Pros And Cons 


  • 11GB frame butter 
  • Netgen 11Gbps 
  • GDD5X memory


  • Cost 
  • Clock speed could be better 

Check it out on Amazon


When it comes to gaming, your graphics card is an important aspect of your computing configurations that cannot be ignored. It makes the list complete and gives you a feeling above all others.

The GeForce GTX 1080 TI is our favorite pick for this category, as it adds beauty and elegance to the exquisite gaming interface, ark survival evolved gives. You can make choices for other exiting graphics cards on Amazon

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