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Best Graphics Card For Dark Souls

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Graphics card that can be placed inside a desktop

The Dark Soul trilogy is one of the best games that has got a lot of players in a tight corner because of its difficulty but they all attest to the fact that it’s a very nice game- especially the Dark souls 3 which is the latest addition dark souls.

For a game that comes with a defined frame rate of 60fps at which it can be played, you wouldn’t want to settle for anything that offers less. The framerate can make all the difference but as always, the frame rate isn’t just the only thing that gamers look out for; the graphics resolution, speed efficiency, and other extra gaming features that are unique to the graphics card should also be considered-  and for a game like dark souls, a consistent frame rate to make the game enjoyable. 

To increase your odds of getting a suitable graphics card for dark souls, check out our top 3 picks for the best graphics card for dark souls. Apart from being geared for a frame rate of 60fps, they are weaponized with excellent game technologies and cooling systems that make them suitable for overclocking. 

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Graphics Card For Dark Soul

Asus Cerberus

Twin Optimized Fan Graphics Card For Dark Soul


The Asus Cerberus employs the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti graphics processor that is renowned for its skyrocketing performance in graphics and game performance at a resolution of 1080 pixels @ 60 frames per second and a memory clock of 7008mhz.

Engineered with graphics technology that delivers impeccable graphics quality, this graphics card has been tested under extreme conditions such as a 144-hour diskless system test and 3D benchmarking for 15 times longer than the stipulated standards.

Its easy streaming and gaming performance is enabled by gaming technology such as the GPU tweak II for easier and sustainable development overclocking with advanced options, game booster, and XSplit Gamecaster to function via an intuitive interface.

In addition to the above features, this graphics card also integrates features that sustain functionality and reliability such as the Super Alloy Power II components that reduce power loss, provide double lower system buzzing under full load, and maintain extremely cool thermal levels.

For heat dissipation, it features a reinforced backplate that is designed to support the circuit board, twin optimized fans that are certified under the IP marking code as dust resistant to provide excellent airflow even under extreme computing and gaming conditions. 

This graphics card employs plug-and-play compatibility hence it requires no PCIe power connectors for a graphics upgrade. 

Pros and Cons


  • It has a reinforced backplate and twin-optimized fans.
  • It features aero-grade components for reduced power loss.
  • It has GPU tweak II that supports extreme overclocking.


  • Monotonous LED lights.
  • Single USB 2.0 ports. 

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Radeon Integrated Graphics Card For Dark Soul


Combining the best of AMD Radeon technology in AMD Radeon RX 550 graphics processor to provide excellent graphical representation in games and graphic-themed computing, AMD free sync technology that eliminates stutter and choppy frame rates, and the third being AMD Radeon chill that functions as a power-saving feature by regulating frame rates to sync with in-game movements, this graphics card gives delivers exceptionally well in-game and computing performances. 

Improving the strength of the integrated AMD technologies, this graphics card also features DirectX12 technology for speed, efficiency, and reduced latency,  a 4th Gen. GCN architecture, AMD app acceleration, AMD Radeon Relive, and the Vulkan API; the combination of which provides a modern and easily accessible interface for easy access to the latest Radeon software features.

It has a 4GB GDDR5 memory capacity, 8k pixel display port ( max), a 6000MHz memory clock sped, and a 128-bit memory interface width. It also has a 9CM fan that provides airflow, a solid capacitor, and a silver-plated PCB that maintains a cool temperature and stability during use.

The input ports that support this graphics card’s performance includes a DVI, a display port, and an HDMI port that supports both 4K and 4K H264 decode, 4K H264 encode, H265/HEVC Encode and H265/HEVC Decode that provides excellent picture quality on compatible operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 and Linux. 

Pros and Cons


  • The friendly user interface on the Radeon software.
  • Unique cooling components.
  • It supports multiple display resolutions. 


  • It does not have multiple display ports in any variants.
  • It does not have LED lightning.

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128 Bit Memory Interface Graphics Card For Dark Soul


Built with a 128-bit memory interface, a 1620 MHz boost clock, and a 4GB GDDR6 video memory combined with excellent graphical visuals enabled by the GeForce GTX 1650 with turning encoder, this graphics card is one of the affordable options that are suitable for dark souls.

The MSI graphics card employs an improved memory structure that is twice the cache of its predecessor for improved performance, and an adaptive shading technology that can be switched to suit different areas of a succeeding frame with the amount of detail given in the previous frame.

Its overall features combined enable excellent power efficiency, live streaming with great cooling, speed,  and low noise levels while gaming makes it suitable for the latest games; dark souls included. 

Pros and Cons


  • It has a 128-bit memory interface.
  • It has a memory speed of 1620MHz.
  • It supports turing.


  • It does not support a 4k resolution.
  • It does not have LED features.

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Getting a graphics card that is suitable for Dark Souls seems easy until you’re presented with a variety of options that can be more difficult than the game itself. Nevertheless, I hope that this article proved viable in your search for one. There are also more options available on

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