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Best Graphics Card For Fallout 4

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A graphics card that can be placed inside a cpu

Shooting and adventure games have one thing in common, the desire to reach a goal and the beauty of combat. These two are offered in abundance on Fallout 4, a scintillating gaming experience that you can kill for. There are a whole lot of features that make this game a popular option. 

Upgradeable weapons and armor are a few of these killer features, the assisted targeting system, which allows you to slow time and hit your enemy at the exact spot is yet another feature that racks in the praises for this game. The use of acid rain and others are incredible features to mention! 

While the beauty of the game can keep you glued on your screen, knowing the best graphics card to smash your gaming goals is one fine detail you cannot sacrifice for anything. So let’s look at the best graphics card.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Graphics Card For Fallout 4

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 Ti

4K Support Graphics Card For Fallout 4


Let’s begin the review here with the Gigabyte GeForce 980 TI taking the spotlight, a fantastic card with enormous benefits for your gaming needs. It comes with a 6GB V-ram, that adds incredible speed and power backup to your gaming needs, making it possible for you to have the actions coming. 

A VR-ready card, with fantastic support for 4k screen users, is built for the big stage and big actions. Superb support, if you have intentions to game stream your favorite actions, you are also in luck, as you will have the best actions happening live on your screen. 

There is an NVidia shield feature that adds an extreme layer of value and excellence to your gaming experience, this is a product that overclocks the card, it saves you the stress of overclocking your graphics card. The GDDR5 memory makes these graphics fit for all purposes.

Despite the memory support which features the GDDR5 memory, this is still a fantastic graphics card as the ram real estate is a great deal at 6GB. The price at under $800 is another impressive card that adds value to your gaming needs, and if you desire Fallout 4 at high settings, it works just fine. 

Pros And Cons


  • 4k support 
  • 6GB V-ram 
  • VR-ready


  • Ram could be better 
  • Cost 

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GeForce GTX 1050 TI

Compact Graphics Card For Fallout 4

Playing Fallout 4 at the finest settings is the dream of every game enthusiast and this is the reality you live with on the GTX 1050 TI from Zotac. Zotac on the other hand has committed a fine deal of years into branding their graphics card and the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti speaks of this ingenuity. 

A simple yet effective 4GB GDDR6 memory starts the list of fine features to expect on this card, it is a budget card that offers more than what is required of it.

This is not all, the card does great with loading and playing your high-definition games, the performance of the card is not limited to Fallout 4 alone. 

You enjoy the massive features available on the Nivida Pascal architecture, so much so that you are thrilled with the exciting gaming support features that the Pascal architecture offers you. A super 768 Cuda core will help offset the issues that come with loading high-definition games with ease. 

The super-fast game support is not all, the compact design of this graphics card is another detail you cannot ignore. It will sit anywhere in your casing and the 7.0GHz speed memory will leave nothing to chance when you play your games at high settings.

You enjoy a massive 128-bit bandwidth on this card, along with a fabulous cooling interface that gets the job done without cracking things up. There are no fears of pushing your computer to the brink with this graphics card, and this is an impressive feature when you consider the price. 

Pros And Cons 


  • GDDR5 memory 
  • 7.0GHz memory clock 
  • Compact design


  • Not great for high settings 
  • 768 Cuda cores

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Sapphire VCX 11306

12 GB Ram Integrated Graphics Card For Fallout 4


If you are looking out for a graphics card that can hit the highs with ease when you go all out on Fallout 4, then we have a fine feature for you to look out for. Sapphire VCX is the card of choice in this category, it offers superior performance and brilliance all in one. 

A massive 12GB V-ram is one of the first statements on this card that you cannot look away from, much more than playing Fallout 4, this feature is essential if you seek to have your computer running at top gear.

You will perform the strongest and graphics-intensive tasks with ease when you opt for this card. 

It is powered by GDDR6 memory, a feature that settles it for speed and complete performance. The memory bandwidth sits at 192-bit, perfect coverage for everything that Fallout 4 can throw at you. You enjoy 2560 steam processors, one of the highest offerings in today’s market. 

While this card doesn’t come easy when the price is taken into consideration, the value it offers is worth every sum spent on it and this makes it brilliant. Released in May 2021, you are in for advanced gaming features on this card. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Great for gaming 
  • GDDR6 memory 
  • 12GB Ram 


  • Cost 
  • Best for advanced user’s

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Graphics cards are one of the most important features that make our gaming experience a delight, it is responsible for the images and just how fine they appear. A clearer and sharper image, with the actions coming through in a split second, is a product of a fantastic graphics interface. 

And this is why we should place a premium on the card we end up with for our gaming needs. The Sapphire VCX 1106 is our best pick for this category, as it offers a fine collection of details that makes gaming a huge delight, the impressive cooling and speed are attributes we cannot ignore. 

If you are looking out for more cards in this category, you can check them out on Amazon

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