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Best Graphics Card For World of Tanks 

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Released on the 24th of August, 2010. World of Tanks had gained a proud place as one of the highest-ranking games of the last decade, it was on everyone’s wish list and things to do, who doesn’t like playing the game of tanks?

Things have gotten even better for the game of tanks, as you can play it on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and the rest. With over 600 tanks to choose from, this vehicular game sets the standards for others to follow.

While the minimum specifications entail that the world of tanks is not a demanding game, you will need the right graphics card to hit the highest FPS and enjoy a hitch-free gaming experience on the game. 

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Graphics Card For World of Tanks 

GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 

4GB DDR5 Graphics Card For World Of Tanks

Zotac did a great deal of work with this card, it is an excellent offering by all definitions. The features will awe you when you place it side by side with the price you pay for it, it is a bargain and this settles the scores for us.

Much more than the price, this card offers it all for the budget user. Let’s dig to find things out! 

The V-ram gets it going for us, and this is the first stopover for this card. It offers a massive 4GB V-ram, a feature that doubles the minimum requirement cap of 2GB V-ram that is pegged down by the manufacturers of the world of tanks.

This means you will not have a bad day when you game your way on the world of tanks. 

Nivida got things right with the Navida Pascal architecture that it throws at its cards these days, there is too much engineering on this architecture that favors gamers and the GTX 1050 Ti gives you a great go at these features.

You are not missing out on anything, as it comes embedded with the latest gaming needs. 

Navida Pascal, allows you to run high-definition games with relative ease. It gives you a super-fast and smooth gaming experience that is cherished by many, the cooling technology on this card is another gold.

While the 7.0GHz memory speed might not cut it, the card is faster than you can think. 

Pros And Cons


  • 4GB GDDR5 Ram 
  • 1303MHz base clock
  • Compact design


  • Ram could be better 
  • Not great for high performance

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GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

5k Support Graphics Card For World Of Tanks


As the name suggests the GTX 1080 TI is an improvement on the 1050 TI and this is what you will soon find out, as we together unveil the massive offerings of this great graphics card.

Just to add before we get lost in the reviews, this card is also from Zotac. Another embodiment of beauty and technical excellence. 

11GB is surely over the roof, this is triple the minimum requirement you will require on your graphics card if playing world of tanks is your all-important task.

We are sure you will want to try your hands at other things such as hitting your highs with your graphics-intensive rendering operations. 

Whatever you set your heart on, this massive card from Zotac has the answers for you and this is why it is loved by many. The 11GB V-ram runs on the GDDR5X memory type and gives you the needed support to play your game at the best resolution on any screen. 

You read that right, any screen. The card runs on 4k, 5k, and your 1080p screens.  It also gives you the required support for your multiple screens and everything else. If you have ever imagined connecting your VR monitors and headsets, this card allows for such smooth operations. 

The cooling interface of this card is another excellent feature you cannot ignore, a brilliant 352-bit bandwidth, in addition to the amazing game support you get on the Nivida Pascal architecture adds up to this list for us. 

Pros And Cons


  • 11GB V-ram
  • GDDR5X memory support 
  • Works great on 4k and 5k screens 


  • Best for advanced users 
  • Cost 

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ASUS Radeon RX 580 

8Gb V-RAM Graphics Card For World Of Tanks


AMD had done excellently well in keeping the tabs on Nvidia, with the brilliant alternative cards they threw at users. One of the ways AMD has got customers focused on their brand is the desire to match the offerings of Nvidia cards while keeping prices below that of Nvidia. 

This duty of bridging the gap is one duty, Nvidia has held onto relatively well. The Radeon RX 580 is a great card by all definitions, it offers features that meet customers’ needs, and as usual, the price is kept just way below Nvidia.

For the world of tanks, this feature is important, saving some bucks is important, after all. 

The 8GB memory begins things up for us on this card, it adds so much if you are a gaming enthusiast and wish for the best hitch-free experience with your gaming interface, this card answers it.

The 8GB V-ram runs on the GDDR5 memory type, giving you the answers you require if speed is your need. 

You enjoy a massive 256.0GB/s memory bandwidth, and the clock speed of the memory clocks at 1266MHz is a great feat. There is support for your 4k screens on this card, as well as a perfect cooling architecture that gets things under control.

If you wish to connect multiple monitors, this card will get it done. 

Pros And Cons


  • 256.0Gb/s memory bandwidth 
  • GDDR5 Memory
  • 8GB V-ram


  • Ram could be better 
  • Cost 

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The best gaming experience is made possible by factors that combine to give you the experience of a lifetime. Your graphics card is one of such brilliant features you cannot ignore and it tops the list for many reasons. A good enough graphics card will get the job done with ease. 

The GTX 1080 TI is the undisputed king for this category, it offers elegance and pace all in one. The 11GB memory bandwidth makes things extremely easy, not just for the world of tanks but for everything else. You can check for other amazing cards in this category on Amazon

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