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Best i7 processors For 4k Gaming

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i7 CPU

What does your 4k gaming bucket list look like and let the Intel i7 processors crush the checklist? High frame rates, ultra-fast rendering, excellent performance, high clock speeds, multi-tasking, and the vital thing on your list- high-quality resolution. 

Apart from being one of the best generations of intel processors, i7 processors are built with integrated graphics that make them a cost-effective processor with great features to ensure stability in frame rates and ultimate CPU performance. 

Well, as good as it sounds, not all i7 processors are suitable for 4k gaming and that is where we help out with our top 3 picks for the best i7 processors that support 4k gaming

The processors on our list comprise the best of different generations of i7 processors that are capable of handling 4k graphics. They are also equipped with high-end exclusive intel features to enhance their performance and suitability both for games, video/photo rendering, and editing as well as content creation. 

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best i7 Processors For 4k Gaming


14nm Socket Processor For 4K Gaming


The i7-9700 is a 9th  generation Intel processor that is built with 8 cores and 8 threads and it uses the 14nm/LGA 1151 socket for easy installation with compatible motherboard chipsets.

To ensure high definition graphical content and high-resolution 4k visuals for games, video editing, photo editing, content creation, and even 3D rendering, this processor uses the Intel UHD graphics 630 and the Intel stable image technology and Intel visualization technology for excellent display of 4k pictures and videos.  

Apart from its support for DDR4 RAMs, this processor also features an Intel Optane memory support that also has a memory speed of up to 4.90GHz with up to 12MB cache.

Its other exclusive Intel features include the Intel turbo boost technology, the Intel speed-up technology, and the Intel 64 bit instruction set extensions. It also has excellent Intel thermal monitoring technologies that provide ventilation to the processor when it is being overclocked. 

Pros and Cons


  • It has a 4.90GHz memory speed.
  • It is suitable for overclocking.
  • It uses the 14nm socket type. 


  • It does not come with a thermal solution.
  • It is only compatible with Intel 300 series motherboard chipset. 

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5.1 GHz Processor For 4K Gaming


Being one of the latest additions to the i7 series, the Intel i7-10700k employs the best of the latest viewing technology that provides a stutter-less and lag-free 4k viewing experience. 

It is the 10th generation Intel Core processor with 8 cores/16 threads that have enhanced features that support high-definition graphic content at a 4k viewing resolution. Its memory speed is 5.1GHz unlocked and it ensures ultra-fast performance and fast frame rates. 

The i7-10700k embodies a rich list of features such as the Intel turbo boost max technology 3.0 that makes it highly suitable for overclocking in games and other high-performance applications that require stunning and refined picture quality.

Another high definition feature employed in the design of the i7-10700k is the Intel Optane memory support,  the LGA 1200 socket type, and a graphics frequency base of 350MHz. 

Pros and Cons


  • Its memory speed is 5.1GHz unlocked.
  • It uses the LGA 1200 socket type.
  • It is suitable for overlooking.


  • It does not come with a thermal solution.
  • It is only compatible with a 400 series chipset-based motherboard. 

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Overclockable Processor For 4K Gaming


Engineered for multi-threaded performance, the 11th generation i7 Intel core processor boasts of a vast range of excellent features such as fast clock speed, high frame rates, and low latency for additional advantage even in competitive games. 

Coupled with 8 cores and 16 threads, it is an unlocked processor which makes it one of the best new-generation Intel processors for gaming even at a 4k resolution. 

Its support for stable overclocking is aided by a vast network of overclocking tools such as the Intel Performance Maximizer and the Intel Extreme Tuning utility and a 16M Intel Smart Cache.

 It further implements the high-end benefits of other exclusive intel features such as the Intel Turbo boost technology 3.0 and the Intel Optane memory support for improved performance of the processor.

This processor supports PCIe4.0 for faster performance and flexibility of GPUs.   It has a good  TDP rating and it is compatible with most 500 series chipset-based motherboards and selected 400 series chipset-based motherboards. 

Pros and Cons


  • It has a 5.0GHz memory speed.
  • It is unlocked and overclockable.
  • It supports PCIe 4.0


  • It does not come with a thermal solution.
  • It is not compatible with all 400 series chipset-based motherboards. 

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Intel i7 processors are highly recommended for gaming with high frame rates, but even so not all generations of i7 processors support 4k gaming. On this note, I hope that our recommendations came in handy in your search for an i7 processor that supports 4k. You can also find  other generations of i7 processors for 4k on

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