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Best Monitor Brightness and Contrast Settings

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Modernization has gone digital and so have many activities in the world makes it close to impossible to not find a computer monitor in a modern office setting or a home. This upgrade in modernization is accompanied by a straining pressure on the most sensitive part of our body; our eyes.

Adjusting Brightness

One of the best ways to reduce pressure and strains on our eyes is by knowing how to correctly set two important features in our monitor display; The brightness and contrast settings. 

Brightness and contrast is a very important setting in monitor display and while some monitors have an automatic setting for both,  some require manual adjustment and this brings us to the question asked by active computer users: What is the correct brightness and contrast monitor setting. 

It is important to know the correct percentage of both display settings that are suitable for your eyes because working on a monitor that has the wrong setting for both features can put pressure on your eyes which in turn can lead to eye strains and other eye-related problems.

The brightness setting of a monitor is adjusted to get a uniform brightness setting between the monitor and the working environment. In other words, it is related to the lighting conditions of the environment and as such, it does not have a fixed setting but it is advisable to adjust the brightness setting to a 5% -95% shade difference. 

In the circumstance where the light condition in the external working environment is bright, the brightness setting of the monitor is adjusted to a higher setting and when the light condition of the external environment is low, the brightness setting is reduced and set at a minimum that matches the lighting condition in the work environment. 

Adjusting Contrast

On the other hand, the contrast setting of a monitor is the ratio of white to black when images or videos are displayed on the monitor. To get the best image quality, the contrast setting should be set at a high percentage which is usually around 70% – 80%. The purpose of adjusting the monitor’s contrast setting is to increase the sharpness of texts, pictures, and videos when displayed on the monitor. 

Properly adjusting the brightness and contrast setting of your eyes is the first ergonomic step taken by a computer user to protect his eyes 


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