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How to fix a bent USB cable

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A bent USB connector is one of those things that “just happen” and you might not know how badly affected you are until you need it. If it is bent, you can’t fit it into the USB ports and you’re stuck with something that leaves you no option but to throw it away because it can’t charge your phone or transfer data.

But just before you make up your mind on where to dump it, what if I tell you that I can help you solve one problem out of the 99 problems that you might have?

Ways to fix your bent USB connector?

  • Yes, you can fix your bent USB connector and you do not need to throw it away or get a new one. The wonderful thing about fixing a bent USB connector is that you do not need professional tools to get it done. Just follow these simple steps.
  • Grab a needle-nosed plier,  place it under the bent part of the USB and apply pressure while gently lifting it to its original position. You should be careful, so you don’t spoil the pins in the USB connector. 
  • If you cannot find a needle-nose plier, you can substitute it with any strong metal object that you’re sure won’t spoil the pins. An example of this is a butter knife but I’ll recommend that you use a needle-nose pier.

Follow the same steps, and gently lift it to its original position. You might not be able to make it look like it was before it got bent, but it should be good enough to fit into the USB ports to transfer data or charge your phone. Check out our site for more such insights.


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