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Arm sticks to desk while gaming 

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If you are a new gamer or maybe you have gamed all your life, one common problem you must have experienced is your arm sticking to your desk while gaming. It is almost an unavoidable situation and this can spell doom for a lot of gaming enthusiasts, you don’t want to be lost in the actions.

 A recent study from Pew Research shows that 75% of girls and 84% of boys play video games, and over 80% of them recount issues of having sticky arms while gaming. Interestingly if you are in these numbers, it shows that you are not alone. 

This article will expose why your arms stick to the desk, the best ways to position your arms to avoid this situation, and other ways you can rest your arm while you game. 

So, let’s get busy. 

Why are my forearms sticky?

Have you heard the adage that says; “the best way to solve a problem is to know the root cause”? Maybe you have, and if you haven’t it is a fine thing that you are here. So to get the solutions, let’s know the reasons why the problem exists. 

Here are 3 reasons why your forearms are sticky:

1. Size of the mousepad:

If your mouse pad is too small or too big, there’s no doubt that your forearms will be sticky. One of the smartest things to do here will be to get the angle keypad, this will allow you the needed space underneath to move your hand just anywhere you will want to.

Another great way to combat this again will be to position your mouse pad in a diagonal position. The Diagonal position will allow your hand to rest in a smooth extended position and give you the room to enjoy your gaming activity. 

2. Sitting posture 

Just like the size of the mouse pad, your sitting posture will determine whether or not your hands will be sticky. This is the most important point to take home. Try to sit straight back with your feet on the ground, and regularly check your posture to ensure your hands are not sticky. 

3. The height of your desk and chair: 

Ensure you are in a comfortable gaming position, the height of the desk and chair should not be so tall that it affects your balance and gives you no opportunity to enjoy the beauty of winning your gaming sessions. The chair and desk should be adjustable, making it easy for you to enjoy a stick-free experience when you game. 

How do you rest your hands while gaming?

Now that you know what causes the issues of a sticky arm, another essential take-home will be to understand how best to rest your hands while gaming.  It is preferred that you use the diagonal length of your mouse pad in such a way that your hand rests on it, this will reduce sticky arms and give you a hitch-free gaming experience.

Another fantastic way to go around this will be to wear clothing with sleeves and stay in a good environment. This will better your gaming experience and enable fast movements as you take on the actions just when it is most required. 

Should my whole arm be on the desk?

This is another aspect of gaming questions you often find gamers asking, however, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Your whole arm can be on the desk or the mouse pad. The goal, however, should be to be in a comfortable position that allows for fast movements which will allow you to grab the fun of your gaming experience.

How do I put my arms on the desk?

Here are the 4 most effective ways you can place your arms on the desk to guarantee smooth gaming operations and give you the best feeling you can ever crave, while you game. 

1. Get a high seat while you game: 

Your gaming set-up should have a high seat, this way your arms will rest naturally on the desk, without lifting your shoulders. Adjustable seats, cushions, and towers will do the magic. Essentially, a seat booster will work too. 

Avoid low shoulder position, extra weight, and traction while you game. All of these fine details will positively impact your gaming experience.

2. Keep your arm dry:

It is advisable to wear an arm sleeve and game in a cool environment, sweaty arms will always result in sticky arms and this will negatively impact how you should keep your arm and also your gaming experience. 

3. The size and position of your desk:

Ensure you plant your arm without your body or desk getting in your way. Your desk and chair should have room for your hands, this will massively help your arm positioning. 

3. Decrease mouse sensitivity: 

Another way to enjoy the massive offerings of a good gaming environment and perfectly placed arms will be your mouse sensitivity. When the mouse sensitivity is just too high, you will have considerable difficulties with how you balance your hand on the desk. 


This article is put together to help you find solutions to the reoccurring challenge of a sticky arm when gaming. It is much more of a burden than a problem, you want to catch all the actions at once and make the best of your gaming experience, when the arms sticks, achieving this goal will be near impossible.

We have outlined the causes, and proffer solutions that work in a bid to take your gaming experience to the next level. Do take action on the steps and you will be glad you did. Check out our site for more such insights


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